Podcasts for Online Publishers

Essential Podcasts for Online Publishers

Interested in digital publishing, but short on time? Give these 10 essential podcasts for online publishers a try. Maybe you listen in the car, when you’re on a jog, or while you’re cooking dinner. Podcasts are exploding in popularity, and they have become a great way for digital publishers to keep up on the latest…

Outrank a More Popular Website

How to Outrank a More Popular Website

If you want to outrank a more popular website, you’ll need to come up with a compelling SEO strategy. Nobody starts out as the biggest fish in the pond. As a digital publisher, your goal should be to grow incrementally and slowly pick off your competition over time. The toughest stage is the very beginning….

Distributed Newsrooms

What’s the Deal with Distributed Newsrooms?

Quarantines, lockdowns, and social distancing measures pushed millions of people to work from home during the height of the pandemic in 2020. For digital publishers with distributed newsrooms, the changes that came about were a bit more nuanced. More than half of all Americans were working remotely during the earliest days of the pandemic, back…

Subscriber Management Tool

How to Grow Your Readership — 5 Simple Steps

In some ways, digital publishing has never been easier. Content management systems like WordPress have democratized publishing, so just about anyone can create a website and start posting their thoughts online for the world to see. But developing a publishing business requires more than just getting your thoughts on the screen. For that, you’ll need…



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Building an Online Magazine

How to Deal with Subscriber Churn

These are the best strategies to prevent subscriber churn. Fewer clicks, less engagement, less frequent website visits — you know when a subscriber is about to cancel. Once a reader has started losing interest in what your publication is offering, your shot at keeping them as a subscriber begins to fade quickly. According to some…

Event Listing Websites

The Best Event Listing Websites for Virtual Events

Use these event listing websites to expand your reach and get your virtual (and live) events listed on Google and Facebook. Virtual and in-person events can be a big moneymaker for digital publishers. Conferences, festivals, and summits are just a few examples of the types of events that publishers can host. While most live events…

The Batavian

Publisher Insights: Q&A with The Batavian’s Howard Owens

How are local news publishers handling the Covid-19 pandemic? We’ve all seen dire headlines and heard predictions that the pandemic could kill local news. Although traffic to local news sites was up 89% in March compared to February, industry groups were still predicting a 23% decline in 2020 ad sales as of late spring. Now,…

Potomac Local

Publisher Insights: Q&A with Potomac Local’s Uriah Kiser

What does it take to be successful in local publishing? If you’re looking for the answer, a good place to start would be by talking to Uriah Kiser at Potomac Local News. Over the past 10 years, Kiser has developed one of the most prominent hyperlocal news outlets in the industry. In honor of Potomac…

lead acquisition

Lead Acquisition Techniques for Online News Publishers

Online news publishers are fighting back against drops in advertising revenue during the coronavirus pandemic by shoring up their subscription programs. Using advanced lead acquisition techniques, online news publishers are finding new ways to bring in subscribers during this financially turbulent time. Smart investments in lead acquisition mean online publishers can grow their email lists…