Vanity URLs

Landing Page Guidelines for Vanity URLs

Vanity URLs help people remember your brand and find your landing pages organically. Just make sure your vanity URLs are set up using these guidelines. Most digital publishers know about the importance of landing pages, but few understand the full benefit of using vanity URLs for the most popular pages on their websites. A vanity…

User Experience Upgrades for Magazine Publishers

The Best User Experience Upgrades for Magazine Publishers

Poor web design choices make it harder for readers to engage with online content. That’s why we put together this guide with the best user experience upgrades for magazine publishers. Content will always be king in the publishing world, but the way that content is displayed online plays a big role in how visitors will…

content recommendations

How Local Publishers Use AI for Content Recommendations

Content recommendations help keep people on your website, even after they’re finished reading the articles they came for. According to data from, content recommendation systems generate a 3.2% uplift in page views. Savvy publishers have been able to get that percentage up even higher by using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to predict what visitors…

Multiplatform Publishing Strategy

How to Develop a Multiplatform Publishing Strategy in 5 Steps

In a multi-screen world, multiplatform publishing is necessary for news outlets to survive. Multiplatform publishing is the idea of posting content on multiple channels in order to reach the greatest number of people. The concept sounds simple, but it can get complicated quickly as different platforms require their own formatting requirements and protocols. Multiplatform publishing…



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