Image Optimization

8 WordPress Plugins for Image Optimization

Large images can slow down a website and create a suboptimal user experience. If you have a WordPress website, there are a variety of image optimization plugins to help. Although there are a number of factors that can lead to slow page load times, improperly-sized images have a large impact. With the total weight of…

Podcasts for Online Publishers

7 Podcasting Plugins for News Publishers

Last week’s announcement that Automattic, the parent company of, had acquired the podcasting app Pocket Casts led many digital publishers to wonder whether now is the right time to launch a podcast. For publishers who run their websites on WordPress, these podcasting plugins can simplify the process of creating, managing, and promoting all different…

Parenting Magazine Publishers

7 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Parenting Magazine Publishers

We’ve got the top WordPress plugins that parenting magazine publishers should know about. Parenting magazines serve as a trusted resource for families, with content designed to empower moms and dads. The readers of parenting magazines are incredibly digitally savvy, making it especially important for parenting and family magazines to have strong online footprints. What makes…



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User Submitted Content

5 Plugins for Managing User Submitted Content

Publishing user submitted content is an excellent way to encourage engagement and build loyalty with your audience, but managing the inflow of new posts and articles is often a challenge for busy digital publishers. What’s the solution? It’s not uncommon for publishers to look for portal setups, where potential writers could create accounts, submit their…

Development and Design Plugins

Top Development and Design Plugins to Make Your WordPress Site Stand Out

If you’re looking to modify or customize your WordPress website, it’s important to choose the right plugins. With more than 50,000 plugins to choose from, the WordPress plugin directory can be overwhelming. That’s why we have put together this list of the top development and design plugins to make your website stand out. The development…

editorial workflow

How to Develop an Editorial Workflow

Your staff is on point. Your technology is on point. So what’s stopping your digital magazine from entering the big leagues? Without the right editorial workflow in place, it’s almost impossible to find success in the highly-competitive online publishing industry. An editorial workflow is a standardized plan for how a publication will create, review, edit,…

Digital Publishing Case Studies

Essential WordPress Plugins for Online Magazines

Are you a digital publisher? If so, you won’t want to miss these essential WordPress plugins for online magazines. WordPress offers more features and flexibility than any other content management system, but if you’re using the core software without any plugins, then you’re still missing out on valuable functionality. With the right plugins, magazine publishers…

Gutenberg 11.6

When Should Publishers Use WordPress Plugins?

Millions of online publishers run their websites on the WordPress platform. The vast majority of those websites include one or more plugins. If you’re the publisher of an online magazine or a niche blog, and you’ve been contemplating upgrading your website to add new features or enhanced customization, now is the time to start researching…

WordPress Plugins For Travel Publishers

The Best WordPress Plugins For Travel Publishers

We have put together a guide to the best WordPress plugins for travel publishers and online destination magazines. Are you interested in improving the look and functionality of your travel website? If you’re the publisher of a destination magazine, now is the time to start improving your digital footprint. As you know, having a modern…