Gutenberg 11.6

WordPress Releases Gutenberg 11.6: Important Updates for Publishers

Gutenberg 11.6 was released in late September, and in the time since its debut, WordPress developers have been working overtime to test out the newest features and improvements. If you’re wondering what to expect, we’ve rounded up three of the most important things to know about Gutenberg 11.6. Gutenberg is the WordPress website builder developed…

WordPress themes SEO

Does Changing WordPress Themes Hurt Google Rankings?

Every website deserves a refresh, but if you’re changing WordPress themes, you might be wondering whether your Google ranking will drop. The answer is, it depends. In a recent video, Google’s John Mueller answered the question of whether changing WordPress themes causes websites to drop in Google rankings. According to Mueller, the answer depends on…

Ad Viewability

How to Optimize a WordPress Website for Speed and Performance

Are you looking for ways to make your WordPress website faster? Are speed and performance important to you? Then this is an article you won’t want to miss. We’re drilling down and explaining why website performance matters and how to optimize a WordPress website for speed. Website speed and performance matter for two main reasons:…

Spotify’s Partnership with WordPress

What Spotify’s Partnership with WordPress Means for Publishers

A new announcement from Spotify has gotten the digital news industry buzzing. The company confirmed this morning that it’s partnering with WordPress and launching a tool that content creators, including bloggers and independent news publishers, can use to automatically publish written content as podcasts. Spotify’s partnership with WordPress opens up the door to podcasting for…



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User Submitted Content

5 Plugins for Managing User Submitted Content

Publishing user submitted content is an excellent way to encourage engagement and build loyalty with your audience, but managing the inflow of new posts and articles is often a challenge for busy digital publishers. What’s the solution? It’s not uncommon for publishers to look for portal setups, where potential writers could create accounts, submit their…

Moving to WordPress CMS

What You Should Know Before Moving to WordPress CMS

More publishers are moving to WordPress CMS. We’ve put together this guide with everything you should know before making the switch. Everything you do at a news organization revolves around your content management system. Editorial content, photos, video, subscriptions, and advertising can all be constrained by an outdated or closed-source CMS. If your publishing system…

Migrate to WordPress

5 Reasons to Migrate to WordPress

If you’ve been considering migrating your website to WordPress, we’ve got all the reasons why you should take the leap. Deciding to migrate to WordPress is one of the smartest decisions a digital publisher can make. Not only is WordPress the most popular content management system (CMS) around these days, but the platform itself is…

Migration to WordPress

3 Hacks to Simplify Your Migration to WordPress

Outdated content management systems are a headache for digital publishers, but migrating to WordPress isn’t always a simple process. It’s not uncommon for publishers to delay their migration to WordPress out of fear that they might get stuck in the middle of the process or that existing content will be lost in the transition. What’s…

Social Media Plugins for Publishers

Top 7 Social Media Plugins for News Publishers

Most Americans get their news through social media. So how do you make sure your news stories are being seen front and center? The easiest way is by adding social media plugins to your WordPress website. If you’re a publisher with a WordPress website, then social media plugins can help you encourage readers to share…