Copywriting Tips

Copywriting Tips for Subscription Publications

Try these creative copywriting tips to improve conversion rates on your subscription website.

Are you constantly searching for more ways to convert website visitors into paying subscribers? Whether your publication is sustained by memberships, subscriptions, advertising, or some combination of the above, publishing compelling copy is the true key to driving conversions.

Emotional copywriting can pull at your readers’ heartstrings and convince first-time visitors that a subscription to your publication will be a valuable investment.

Below, we’ve put together some of the most effective copywriting tips specifically designed for subscription publications. We hope you’ll put these tips to use and let us know what kind of results you see.

Top Copywriting Tips for Subscription Publications

1. Create a list of benefits.

This first idea is simple to implement. What makes subscribing to your publication so special? What makes it a good investment? What value are readers really getting for their money? Jot these reasons down onto paper and then work with a copywriter to develop a compelling list of subscription benefits. The format here isn’t a science, but a bulleted list is probably the best way to go. Your list should feature all the ways that subscribing to your website can make the reader’s life better.

What makes a bulleted list better than any other format? Bulleted lists break up the copy, so readers aren’t faced with a huge gray wall of text. Readers can quickly skim a list and focus on the key points that appeal to them. Research has shown that lists engage readers more than paragraphs of text. In this case, you’ll want your list to include the actual benefits of subscribing to your publication, not just the features. That’s an important distinction. By making each benefit actionable and personalized to the reader, you’ll leave a stronger and more memorable impression.

Looking for examples of the types of benefits you may want to feature? If you run a local news website and your revenue primarily comes from reader subscriptions or memberships, then then you might want to consider publishing a list that includes benefits such as:

  • “Discover your community and learn more about what’s going on in your neighborhood.”
  • “Connect with peers who care about the same topics.”
  • “Get breaking news alerts delivered right to your mobile phone.”
  • “Receive exclusive content available only to subscribers.”
  • “Never miss a big event. Contribute to our community events calendar.”
  • “Research the top doctors, lawyers, and other businesses in our online directory.”
  • “Explore our archive of thousands of feature stories and local business reviews.”

2. Set up a problem, then solve it.

It’s OK to play into your readers’ concerns or fears from time to time. Creating a problem and then promoting your publication as the solution is one of the most common copywriting tips you’ll find — and for good reason. This is a strategy that works.

Don’t be afraid to use words like “control” and “anxiety” in your marketing copy. For example, an advertisement for your trade publication could say, “XYZ Magazine takes the anxiety out of your job search,” or “Take control of your career with XYZ Magazine.”

Positioning your publication as the authoritative resource in your particular niche gives readers a reason to want to subscribe, making this a valuable copywriting strategy for driving conversions.

3. Give readers a taste of what they’re missing.

Excerpting content from your publication is one of the copywriting tips that all subscription publications should try. Are there any valuable insights from a recent article or report that you could share in a marketing email? Try working those insights into the beginning of your copy for maximum impact.

Another way to give readers a taste of what they’re missing is by publishing testimonials from existing subscribers. Always place a call-to-action (CTA) near the testimonial, so readers who’ve been persuaded to join will have an easy place to do so.

Now we want to hear from you. What are your favorite copywriting tips for driving conversions? Drop us a line, and let us know!