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Profitable publications don’t happen by chance. They’re the result of hard work and expert strategy. At Web Publisher PRO, we’ve been lucky to work with some of the most knowledgeable experts in the digital publishing space. The vendors we recommend to our clients have years of experience helping online magazines, news websites, and niche blogs develop new revenue channels and increase audience engagement, with the ultimate goal of building profitable, sustainable businesses.

With that goal in mind, we decided to check in with a few of our preferred vendors to ask how their products and services are helping publishers grow their businesses right now. Here’s what they had to say.

Need expert advice about running a digital publication, from some of the top minds in the digital media and advertising space? Check out our list below:


Ryan Dohrn, 360 Ad Sales Training and Strategy

360 Ad Sales Training and Strategy offers proven ad sales training for media companies. With more than 15,000 ad salespeople trained in seven countries, founder Ryan Dohrn has worked with executives at top magazines, newspapers, digital, TV, and radio. His training has impacted more than $500 million in media revenue. A part of Brain Swell Media, 360 Ad Sales also offers pre-hire testing of new salespeople. Dohrn’s training and coaching is relevant because he is in the sales trenches every day. Canned PowerPoints aren’t his thing. He creates ad sales training programs specific for each team’s needs, goals, and experience level.

“We offer 100% customized ad sales training. From basics in media sales to detailed digital sales training to sales audits to sales coaching.” – Ryan Dohrn, 360 Ad Sales Training and Strategy


Charity Huff, January Spring

January Spring is a B2B digital marketing agency that works with niche publishers to grow their membership, event attendance, and subscribers using a proven combination of targeted, programmatic display, social media and search. As a natural extension of the company’s marketing services, January Spring provides publishers with digital revenue extension product offerings. January Spring is a member of Niche Alliance, CRMA, SIPA, PMA and a Brain Swell Ad Sales Sponsored Partner.

“January Spring delivers new, meaningful revenue with no monthly minimums on up-front investment.” – Charity Huff, January Spring


Melissa Chowning, Twenty-First Digital

Twenty-First Digital is a full-service audience development agency that works directly with publishers, brands, and media companies to build, maintain and monetize their most valuable asset … their audience. The Twenty-First Digital team focuses their efforts on email acquisition, segmentation, paid social, SEO and search. From event marketing to newsstand, this experienced team of audience developers help brands all over the country drive traffic, increase engagements, nurture audiences, and improve conversions.

“We drive our business with passion, endless curiosity, and deep respect for journalism and storytelling …and most importantly, we have fun doing it.” – Melissa Chowning, Twenty-First Digital


Jason Bade, Pico

Backed by Stripe, Bloomberg, and Axel Springer, Pico is a suite of signup, account management, CRM, and payment tools for modern audience businesses. From newspapers to yoga studios, small businesses of all types are turning to Pico to not only launch memberships, donations, subscription paywalls, and paid newsletters but also improve their free email signup conversion and management.

“We love working with Web Publisher PRO! As a Certified Pico Developer, they consistently do the best job installing Pico on our customers’ sites, and the result is almost magical – massive email and payment conversion increases.” – Jason Bade, Founder/CEO


Rebecca Sterner, Publishing Consultant

Rebecca Sterner is an experienced publishing consultant who has been specializing in circulation and audience development for more than 30 years. Sterner helps publishers become more profitable, sell more subscriptions, and build more effective organizations. Her menu of magazine consulting services includes full project management for circulation promotions, circulation consulting, vendor evaluations, and guidance and planning for new magazine launches. She works with clients of all sizes to find the audience development strategies that are properly scaled to their available resources – staff, money, and time.

“I help clients execute successful circulation strategies, effective marketing, analysis, fulfillment and vendor evaluation, and all things that touch my publishers’ audiences.” – Rebecca Sterner, Publishing Consultant 


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