Podcasts for Online Publishers

Essential Podcasts for Online Publishers

Interested in digital publishing, but short on time? Give these 10 essential podcasts for online publishers a try.

Maybe you listen in the car, when you’re on a jog, or while you’re cooking dinner. Podcasts are exploding in popularity, and they have become a great way for digital publishers to keep up on the latest industry developments and trends.

If you’re interested in SEO, web design, or the latest best practices in online journalism, then give these 10 essential podcasts for online publishers a listen.

Top 10 Podcasts for Online Publishers

1. Search Engine Journal Show

Hosted by Loren Baker, Brent Csutoras, and Danny Goodwin, the Search Engine Journal Show features interviews with industry experts and in-depth discussion of SEO and content strategy for marketers and online publishers.

Essential Episode: Episode 227 // SEO for Publishers and Marketplaces with Simon Heseltine

2. WordPress Weekly

WordPress Weekly is a podcast that talks about all things WordPress. The show specializes in covering the latest news throughout the WordPress community, as well as interviews with people inside the WordPress community.

Essential Episode: Episode 4 // Dan Maby on the Importance of the WordPress Community

3. 360 Ad Sales

Ryan Dohrn’s 360 Ad Sales podcast features sales training tips for publishers engaged in direct digital ad sales. Dohrn interviews leaders in the publishing industry, including Web Publisher PRO’s own David Walsh.

Essential Episode: 124 // Goodbye 2020, Ten Ideas to Grow in 2021

4. Webcology

The Webcology podcast takes a close look at the ecosystem of the Internet as it affects webmasters and web marketers. Hosted by Jim Hedger and Dave Davies, Webcology explores and explains how the various segments of the web marketing world work and keeps you up to date with the most interesting developments in SEO.

Essential Episode: Driving Material Growth With Social Media & WordPress with Mark Zahra

5. The J Word

Hosted by former journalist Ted Gutsche, Jr., The J Word podcast features interviews with academics and professionals talking about the use of digital technology in journalism, social issues, and the future of media. Most discussions are rooted in academic research, making The J Word a stand out podcast series for local news professionals.

Essential Episode: 1.1 // Solution Journalism and Participation

6. The Business of Digital

Hosted by experienced SEO practitioners Mat Siltala and Dave Rohrer, The Business of Digital podcast covers a range of advanced topics, like leadership and team building, social media posting patterns, ways to improve CTR from Google and Bing, and tools for reusing video content.

Essential Episode: 193 // Don’t Make these Google Analytics Mistakes

7. Behind the Numbers

Ad revenue, Apple updates, and social media’s future are just a few of the topics covered in eMarketer’s podcast, Behind the Numbers. Behind the Numbers is hosted by analysts Bryan Yeager and Marcus Johnson.

Essential Episode: Facebook’s “Metaverse” Future

8. It’s All Journalism

It’s All Journalism is a weekly podcast about the evolution of digital media. In each episode, the podcast’s hosts interview working journalists to find out how they do their jobs and what trends they’re seeing in the industry.

Essential Episode: COVID-19 Exposes Growing Need for Mental Health Reporting

9. The Kicker

Columbia Journalism Review’s podcast, The Kicker, is about all things journalism and media. Publishers, editors, and reporters wanting to stay up-to-date on high-level media trends won’t want to miss this weekly podcast.

Essential Episode: Can unions make newsrooms inclusive?

10. Food Blogger Pro

You don’t need to be a food blogger to get a lot out of the Food Blogger Pro podcast. Digital publishers in a variety of niches will learn about how to grow and monetize their websites. SEO, WordPress plugins, revenue generation, and web traffic are all frequent topics. New episodes drop each week.

Essential Episode: 311 // Finding Your Why – Creating Intentional Content as a Creative Outlet with Katie Olsen

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