Holiday Marketing Strategies for Magazine Publishers

Holiday Marketing Strategies for Magazine Publishers

Want to sell more subscriptions before the New Year? Try out these holiday marketing strategies for magazine publishers.

With less than a month to go until Christmas, the holiday season is fully upon us. Retailers are working overtime trying to capitalize on the holiday momentum, running nonstop advertising and marketing campaigns that are designed to promote online and offline sales. Magazines publishers are also taking advantage of the season, by promoting their subscription programs and embedding affiliate links in their holiday gift guides and other promotional material.

If you’re in the business of selling online subscriptions, there is no better time to run a marketing campaign than the holiday season. Holiday marketing strategies for magazine publishers almost always center around subscription sales. In addition to marketing their existing subscription products, magazine publishers should encourage existing subscribers to purchase gift subscriptions for their friends and families.

It’s OK if the people you’re reaching in your holiday promotions are already subscribers. After all, this is the season of giving. Use targeted ad placements within email newsletters and alongside your existing website content to encourage readers to give gift subscriptions to their friends and loved ones.

Online subscriptions aren’t a gift that most people think of on their own, so you might need to get savvy with your marketing strategy here. Social media is one channel to consider. Social media advertising is effective year-around, but especially during the holiday season. Consider running a paid campaign on Facebook and Twitter that promotes a “holiday discount” on subscription packages. You could also post for free on your own social media feeds.

Consider posting something similar to this recent tweet from The Athletic: “Give the gift of great sports coverage this holiday season. This week only: buy a discounted 1- or 2- year gift subscription and get a FREE T-shirt! Full details »”

If you’re hesitant to lower the prices on your subscription packages for fear of alienating existing subscribers who already paid full price, we have another option for you. Rather than offering discounted prices, create “holiday packages” with additional benefits available exclusively to people who subscribe before the end of the year. For example, your holiday subscription package might come with a free tote bag or a coupon booklet with discounts at local restaurants.

Subscription sales shouldn’t be your only opportunity for generating additional revenue during the holiday season. The best holiday marketing strategies for magazine publishers include some form of affiliate linking, as well. Find a way to create a gift guide that’s focused on whichever topics your magazine covers. Gift guides can be incorporated into any online magazine this time of year. For example, if you publish a fashion magazine, create a “fashionistas gift guide.” If you run a city magazine, create a guide with gift ideas from local retailers.

Wondering what else you can do once your gift guide has been published? Other marketing strategies for magazine publishers involve creating roundups of the best online deals this month. For example, Islands magazine recently published a list of the top Black Friday and Cyber Monday travel deals. Your magazine can use the same concept, with slight adjustments based on your publication’s niche.

When you include affiliate links in your holiday content, you generate revenue each time a reader purchases a product that you linked. The higher the value of the product, the more revenue your publication brings in.

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of your subscriber list to promote your holiday marketing content. In addition to including “subscribe now” ads in your weekly newsletters this month, you should also send out special gift guides and holiday newsletters with links to all your best holiday content.

To recap, here are the top holiday marketing strategies for magazine publishers:

  1. Run limited-time deals on online subscriptions.
  2. Encourage readers to give gift subscriptions to their friends and family.
  3. Publish gift guides and “best of” lists with links to relevant products.
  4. Promote holiday content with special email newsletters.

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