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Mobile Streaming Video – Insights for Publishers

Digital publishers are embracing mobile streaming video, as they work to develop the types of experiences that drive engagement and conversions.

Audiences are increasingly coming to expect mobile streaming video from news publishers. Mobile streaming video is growing around the world as more viewers demand newer ways to watch content from their smartphones and tablet devices. We expect that streaming video will become the dominant mode of video content within the next three to five years.

What Is Mobile Streaming Video?

Streaming video refers to content that is compressed and displayed to viewers in real-time. Viewers do not have to download the video in order to view it. Whereas most digital video content is recorded, edited, and then distributed via platforms like YouTube or Facebook, streaming video is recorded, streamed, and viewed in a live format. When streaming video is viewed on a smartphone or tablet device, it’s considered mobile streaming video.

Facebook’s entrance into the mobile streaming video market changed the game for digital media, but publishers don’t have to work with the social media giant in order to stream live video on their websites. A number of other companies offer streaming media technology, including MainStreamingOnstream Media, and Graybo.

Why Do Viewers Want Mobile Streaming Video?

Who wants to watch content on a delay? With mobile streaming video, viewers can see what’s going on right away, in real-time, while they’re on-the-go.

According to the 2018 Penthera International Streaming Behavior Survey, demand for mobile streaming video is growing throughout the world, with 84% of 18 to 29 year olds streaming content on a weekly basis.

Despite their excitement over the medium, viewers report significant obstacles, as well. Nearly all (88%) viewers report having experienced frustration while streaming video. This typically comes from having weak or non-existent connectivity, but it can also have to do with the technology that publishers use to stream their video content.

Why Are Publishers Using Mobile Streaming Video?

Mobile streaming video has caught on among news publishers for a number of reasons. Consumer demand is certainly one of the reasons why publishers have been pushed into streaming video content. Audiences want the ability to see what’s going on in real-time, and publishers are obliged to meet those demands.

Satisfying the consumer appetite for mobile streaming video is helping publishers generate high levels of engagement, which leads to greater revenue.

Another reason why mobile streaming video has caught on is because it’s easy for publishers to generate. With mobile streaming video, publishers don’t have to worry about professional video editing. They can simply broadcast live events as they are ongoing, eliminating one of the barriers that has traditionally made video content challenging for smaller media outlets.

Mobile streaming video also gives publishers a way to connect with younger audiences—a coveted demographic among brand advertisers. Younger audiences are much more likely to stream content on a daily basis, and they’re also the group most likely to be able to navigate the technology challenges that can arise with that.

The Latest Mobile Streaming Video Trends

Now that we understand what streaming video is, and why viewers enjoy it, let’s talk about how publishers can take advantage of this technology.

Streaming video seems to be most effective when the content is aimed at a younger audience. These audiences prefer content that is live, compelling, and original. Reruns won’t work with this crowd. Instead, think about ways to capture soft, fun events that are likely to go viral.

Streaming video can also be useful during breaking news events. Rather than taking the time to record and edit coverage of a live event, publishers can setup a streaming video feed and let viewers see what’s happening in real-time. In a survey by The Guardian, 98% of users said they want live video for breaking news events.

Publishers who host their own live events can also stream those events. For example, a niche publisher hosting a conference can live stream the keynote speaker. Subscribers who couldn’t make it to the conference in person can still watch from home, giving people another reason to subscribe to the publication.

If you’d like to learn more about setting up mobile streaming video on your website, reach out to our team here at Web Publisher PRO.