Create beautiful, user-friendly online directories with endless opportunities for monetization.

Sell directory sponsorships and run display advertising alongside your own unique directories, designed to showcase the best restaurants, top doctors, top dentists, top lawyers, and schools in your region. With Web Directory PRO, you can give business owners and individuals a way to publish their own content and submit payments for enhanced directory listings through a self-serve portal. Widgetized ad zones support Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), Google Ad Manager, Broadstreet, and all other major ad serving platforms. The possibilities are endless.

The possibilities are endless. Web Directory PRO was built to meet the needs of top digital publishers. Our directories are entirely mobile responsive, with user-friendly designs. We also offer custom integrations to accommodate the needs of larger digital publishers.

Create beautiful, user-friendly online calendars with endless opportunities for monetization.

Adding an Events Calendar to the Metro Family website has helped the publisher grow its audience and cement its role as a connector in the local Oklahoma City community. Using self-serve tools, we gave readers and local organizations a way to submit their own event listings. This gives Metro Family’s calendar a much more interactive feel, bringing in support from people throughout the community. Individual calendar events also link to related content, which promotes engagement and keeps readers organically moving through the Metro Family website.

Create a user-friendly online job boards with endless opportunities for monetization.

One of Bethesda Magazine’s core missions is to cover the topics that are important to people living in Bethesda and the surrounding towns. We helped the publisher fulfill that mission by developing a Job Board, populated with local job listings for local people. Not only does Bethesda Magazine’s Job Board fill a void in the community, it also serves as a valuable revenue generator. Local employers can now pay to publish their own job listings using self-serve tools, which means Bethesda Magazine’s Job Board is generating a reliable stream of ancillary revenue for the publisher.