Build a Custom CMS

Should You Build a Custom CMS?

If you have been in the digital publishing industry for long enough, you’ve probably come across someone who’s decided to build a custom CMS. The process can provoke anxiety and frustration for even the most experienced publishers. That’s because the expectations for a custom CMS are almost never in line with reality. The reasons behind…



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Vanity URLs

Landing Page Guidelines for Vanity URLs

Vanity URLs help people remember your brand and find your landing pages organically. Just make sure your vanity URLs are set up using these guidelines. Most digital publishers know about the importance of landing pages, but few understand the full benefit of using vanity URLs for the most popular pages on their websites. A vanity…

Merging Multiple Websites

Best Practices When Merging Multiple Websites

Merging multiple websites can be an unpredictable process. We’ve put together the best strategies for identifying and prioritizing your most valuable pages when combining two or more publications. Merging multiple online publications into one website is a complicated affair. Attempting to manage the project in-house, without sacrificing your Google ranking in the process, is nearly…

Creative Subscription Strategies

3 Creative Subscription Strategies for Digital Publishers

Attracting new subscribers and building long-term relationships begins with diversification. If you’re looking for ways to drive higher lifetime value from existing subscribers, it’s time to diversify your offerings and try these creative subscription strategies. Of all the revenue streams that online newspaper and magazine publishers have at their disposal, three stand out as being…