Ad Viewability

Why Should Digital Publishers Care About Ad Viewability?

In order for a display ad to be effective, it has to be viewed. Ad viewability rates have been used for years to track the visibility of ads on websites and mobile apps. However, new research into ad viewability rates is now showing that there may be a better way for publishers to evaluate and…

Embedded Videos

Best Practices For Publishers Using Embedded Videos

Embedded videos can drive clicks and engagement for magazine publishers — when they’re done right. If you’re incorporating video into your website content, keep these best practices from Google in mind. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth many times more. Digital publishers in every vertical are integrating more…

Online Magazine Subscriptions

The Real Reason Why Readers Cancel Online Magazine Subscriptions

The cost to bring in a new subscriber is three to five times higher than the cost to retain an existing one. With online magazine subscriptions becoming the most profitable revenue channel for many media businesses in 2021, publishers are paying closer attention to their subscriber retention techniques. To better understand the reasons why readers…

Google Alerts Alternatives

Top Alternatives to Google Alerts for Digital Publishers

When Google Alerts stopped working for multiple days earlier this month, many digital publishers were caught off guard. Magazine publishers have come to rely on Google’s free service for monitoring mentions of their publications and keeping tabs on other relevant topics. However, with Google Alerts outages becoming more frequent in 2021, it’s never a bad…



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Online Magazine

5 Essential Strategies for Online Magazine Publishers

Do you want to create an online magazine that’s both professional and profitable? Then build these five essential strategies into your business plan today. What tools do you have in your publishing arsenal? With the growing number of magazines making the switch from print to digital, publishers are having to work harder to stay ahead…

Google Continuous Scrolling

How Will Google’s Continuous Scrolling Update Impact Publishers?

Google’s latest update to mobile search could have a big impact on digital publishers. Here’s what you should know. If you’re not closely monitoring Google’s latest search updates, you may have missed last week’s announcement. Continuous scrolling is coming to Google Search on mobile, which means publishers that rely on search traffic could be in…

Selling Products Directly to Consumers

Why More Publishers Are Selling Products Directly to Consumers

BuzzFeed is doing it. So is Vox Media, POPSUGAR, and dozens of other new media publishers. Selling products directly to consumers has become one of the latest ways for online publishers to generate revenue in 2021. What’s behind the push to sell, and what does it mean to use commerce as a product? The topic…

Image Optimization

8 WordPress Plugins for Image Optimization

Large images can slow down a website and create a suboptimal user experience. If you have a WordPress website, there are a variety of image optimization plugins to help. Although there are a number of factors that can lead to slow page load times, improperly-sized images have a large impact. With the total weight of…

Headline Testing Magazine

How Headline Testing Drives Higher Engagement

Headline testing is what happens when editorial teams try out multiple title variations for an article to see which one performs best. As a digital publisher, headline testing can be incredibly helpful when it comes to identifying which headlines are being clicked on and which headlines are leading to engagement with the content itself. This…