Clubhouse for Digital Publishers

Should Digital Publishers Use Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is the newest social media platform on the block. Should digital publishers be using it?

Audio chatrooms aren’t necessarily new, but the makers behind Clubhouse believe they’ve developed something unlike anything else. Clubhouse is a popular new social media platform that influencers are using to host public conversations about all kinds of topics.

Clubhouse has been described as part talkback radio, part conference call, part audio chat. It’s not too dissimilar from Twitter Spaces or Discord. Users who’ve made their way through the invite-only sign up process can listen to conversations and discussions between other users in real-time. It’s similar to listening to a podcast, but with a live component and an aura of exclusivity. In just the past few months, Clubhouse has managed to reach more than 2 million active users. It now has an impressive $1 billion valuation.

What does all this have to do with digital publishers? A lot, actually.

Although Clubhouse has been around for a while, it’s just catching on in digital publishing circles. While the platform isn’t currently set up to accommodate publication accounts, it’s a great setting for individual reporters, editors, and publishers themselves. Anyone with knowledge about a particular topic can use the platform to expand their sphere of influence.

How Should Digital Publishers Use Clubhouse?

If you’ve considered joining Clubhouse, now is the time to do it. Once you’ve downloaded the iPhone app and secured yourself an invite, you can scroll through the calendar and find conversations to participate in based on your current interests and expertise.

As a digital publisher, it’s a good idea to make sure your interests on Clubhouse align with the topics your publication covers. If you run a sports website, for example, then you’ll want to participate in Clubhouse “rooms” dedicated to sports.

If you already have a strong personal network of experts in your field, then consider banding together and arranging an interview panel where listeners can learn from your group knowledge and expertise. The publisher of a B2B magazine, for example, could easily lead a Clubhouse discussion on the latest business trends in 2021. Rooms can be public or private, but publishers who want to grow their influence and bring people back to their publications will want to stick to public rooms for now.

Encouraging your staff to participate on the Clubhouse app is another way to expand your publication’s reach. The more well-known your reporters and editors become, the more people will want to read their work and the more traffic you’ll have coming to your website. More than just increasing traffic, though, Clubhouse is really about increasing authority. Having a roster of well-known, respected writers and editors will enhance your publication’s profile, even if you aren’t using Clubhouse personally.

While Clubhouse is incredibly popular in some circles, it’s still catching on in others. Publishers covering topics like technology and venture capital are missing out if they’re not already on Clubhouse. Other verticals, like sports and fashion, are just now ramping up on the app.

Best Practices for Digital Publishers

  • Consider using the free invites that come when you join Clubhouse to boost your own engagement on other social media platforms.
  • Be careful to understand the culture of Clubhouse before jumping into any hot topics or dicey conversations.
  • The best way to attract new subscribers and readers is by sharing your expertise within dedicated rooms.
  • Create future events in the app so you don’t miss out on upcoming conversations.
  • Some journalists have reported issues with harassment on Clubhouse, so take precautions to protect yourself when using the app.
  • Brands have started sponsoring Clubhouse discussions. Larger publishers could someday do this, as well.

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