sell newsletter sponsorships

How to Sell Newsletter Sponsorships

Want to level up your advertising program? If you don’t already have a plan to sell newsletter sponsorships, you may be missing out. Display advertising is one of the most popular ways for online magazine publishers to generate revenue. However, despite its long history in the media industry, display advertising rates have been dropping for…

Placing Ads in Email Newsletters

Debunking 5 Myths About Placing Ads in Email Newsletters

Publishers have many preconceived notions about placing ads in email newsletters. Advertisers might have heard that newsletters don’t have as much reach as websites, that they don’t generate high click-through rates, or they’re not equipped for ad targeting. However, newsletters are actually an incredibly effective channel for advertisers to reach consumers, and one that can…

Ad Viewability

Why Should Digital Publishers Care About Ad Viewability?

In order for a display ad to be effective, it has to be viewed. Ad viewability rates have been used for years to track the visibility of ads on websites and mobile apps. However, new research into ad viewability rates is now showing that there may be a better way for publishers to evaluate and…

end of third-party cookies

Are You Prepared For the End of Third-Party Cookies?

Less than a year remains until Google officially sunsets third-party cookies on the Chrome browser. Are you prepared? Most digital publishers are not prepared for the end of third-party cookies in 2022. According to IAB, 40% of businesses still have work to do. Although it’s been more than a year since Google announced that it…



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Acceptable Ads

What Are Acceptable Ads?

Consumers are becoming more comfortable viewing and engaging with Acceptable Ads. How do you know if the ads running on your website fit the definition? For publishers that generate revenue through display advertising, the problem is nothing new. More advertising equals more profit, but too many display ads can lead to higher bounce rates and…

Publisher RPM

What Is Publisher RPM?

If you’ve never heard the term revenue per mille, you’re not alone. Despite advertising being the most common revenue channel for online publishers, publisher RPM is still something that’s not well understood. Why is that, and how can learning about RPM help maximize profitability at your own publication? Whereas CPM is an advertiser-focused metric, RPM…

news publishers 2021

News Publishers Expect Advertisers to Return This Year — Here’s Why

With just days left before President Trump departs the White House and the Biden administration moves into place, news publishers seem to be walking the line between hopeful and cautious as they look at what 2021 may hold. High expectations are moving the industry forward, as news publishers look at future-proofing opportunities for revenue optimization….

Online Magazine

How to Create Compelling Ad Packages

What’s the secret to creating compelling ad packages in 2021? We’ll tell you Publishers who want successful advertising and sponsorship programs need to differentiate their offerings from anything else on the market. For local news publishers and online magazines, that means developing compelling ad packages. The best ad packages incorporate the following: Exclusivity What makes…

Publisher RPM

What Will Online Advertising Look Like in 2021?

Online advertising took us on a wild ride in 2020. Here’s what to expect in 2021. Big gains, followed by major losses, with plenty of twists and turns in between. That became the norm for digital publishers in 2020. With a constant stream of new advertising platforms and ad serving plugins being released, digital publishers…

Local Advertising

How Does Local Advertising Benefit Brands?

Have you heard of the news halo effect? Research has shown that a publication’s trust transfers to its advertisers, so readers are more likely to trust a company when it runs ads in their favorite local publication. But, that’s not the only advantage that local advertising offers over other channels. A recent IAB survey of…