Monetize Free Content

5 Ways to Monetize Free Content

As a digital publisher, you can’t expect most people to pay for access to a news website or online magazine if they don’t know what they’re getting. Free content is what brings people to your website and encourages them to stick around for a while. It may seem counterintuitive, but publishing content for free is…

Subscription Marketing System

What Is the Best Subscription Marketing System for Publishers?

Learn how to implement the best subscription marketing system at your publication. To the general public, local news websites are a source for information and building connections in the community. Savvy digital publishers know they’re so much more. Publishers who generate revenue through online subscriptions are using their websites as a portal to their online…


How to Generate Revenue Through Real Estate Advertising

Real estate sections have historically been one of the biggest profit drivers for local news publishers. Although websites like Zillow and Trulia have gained a strong foothold in the real estate market, digital publishers can still generate revenue through real estate advertising when they utilize the right techniques. To start generating revenue through real estate…

Performance-Based Advertising

What Is the Performance-Based Advertising Model?

Get results, get paid. That’s the basic idea behind performance-based advertising, where brands only pay when the ads they’ve placed lead to specific results. The performance-based advertising model is one that’s used by digital publishers all the time. It’s a model that’s increasingly being favored by brand advertisers, as well, since it gives executives at…



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Monetize Local Sports Coverage

Develop a Plan to Monetize Local Sports Coverage In 5 Steps

Sports drives clicks. In communities around the country, sports coverage drives traffic to local news websites. Sports fans check in for the latest scores, and parents of student athletes are eager to see write ups of weekly games and matches. For digital publishers, there’s a major opportunity to monetize local sports coverage. Monetizing local sports…

Acceptable Ads

Why Publishers Need a Direct Sales Strategy

Programmatic advertising has been generating plenty of headlines as of late, but direct sales are still responsible for many of the successes seen in the hyperlocal publishing community. Relying on their in-house sales teams, smaller publishers are finding that they’re better able to leverage local connections and keep their rates high when they pitch advertisers…

Programmatic Ads

The Hybrid Approach: How Programmatic Ads Can Complement Direct Sales

Hyperlocal publishers are in a unique position to maximize ad revenue through direct sales. The relationships that local sales reps can cultivate with small business advertisers their own communities are difficult for technology giants like Facebook and Google to replicate. However, there comes a time for many local publishers when direct ad sales are no…