Direct Traffic

Why Should Publishers Care About Direct Traffic?

Amid all the focus on search engine optimization and social sharing, there’s a big opportunity that many online publishers are missing: direct traffic. The majority of digital publishers don’t know the source of their direct traffic, and that can create both confusion and a feeling of powerlessness. After all, how can you grow a traffic…

Creative Subscription Strategies

The Biggest Content Analytics Trends in 2021

The data is in, and publishers have plenty to be optimistic about. Looking at the biggest content analytics trends in 2021, it’s clear that digital publishers and content creators are in for a banner year. Coming off a year that was marked not just by the Covid-19 pandemic, but also the Black Lives Matter movement…

Direct Traffic

How Does Your Conversion Rate Compare to Other Publishers?

For publishers with metered paywalls, a Meter Stop Rate of 5% to 7% is the goal. How does your website’s conversion rate stack up? Publishers who generate revenue through online subscriptions should keep a close eye on their conversion rate. With the metered paywall model, readers are allowed to access a certain number of articles…

Engagement Metrics

Essential Engagement Metrics for Digital Publishers

Why should publishers care about engagement metrics? We’ll tell you. Reliable engagement metrics are becoming more important for publishers who depend on revenue from subscriptions and membership programs. Engagement shows publishers how well their editorial strategies are lining up with reader interests. If you want to sell subscriptions, you need to create the kind of…



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Which Website Metrics Should Magazine Publishers Track?

Interested in growing your advertising revenue? Start by tracking these key website metrics. Magazine publishers who want to get as much value from their publications as possible should be tracking certain website metrics. In this article, we will explore the website metrics that magazine publishers who are generating revenue through display advertising should be paying…


Use Content Analytics to Find Story Ideas

Content analytics and digital publishing go hand-in-hand. While old school journalists pounded the pavement looking for new story ideas, digital journalists are turning to content analytics platforms to stay on top of trends and topics that are important to their readers. Companies like, which provides audience data and analytics for digital media, are changing…

Bounce Rate For Better SEO Performance

The Most Important Web Analytics for Magazine Publishers

Take advantage of web analytics to drive profitability at your online magazine. Is it realistic to tell magazine publishers that every decision they make should be guided by web analytics? Probably not. But the truth is, the more publishers can get behind web analytics, the stronger their publications will become. When most people think of…

Content Analytics for Publishers

The Publisher’s Guide to Content Analytics

How to use content analytics to grow your audience, boost revenue, and make your website more valuable to readers. Terms like news value and editorial judgment get tossed around newsrooms each day, but increasingly, the real decisions at media publications are being made based on content analytics. Content analytics platforms, like Google Analytics, Chartbeat,,…

Metrics to Achieve Long-Term Revenue Growth

This Retail Metric Is Helping Publishers Achieve Long-Term Revenue Growth

Online retailers have been using the customer lifetime value metric to gauge the success of their retention strategies for years. Now, savvy digital publishers are getting on board with the same technique as they search for new ways to achieve long-term revenue growth. The customer lifetime value (LTV) metric is a new one for many…

audience engagement metrics

What Matters More, Audience Engagement or Page Views?

At this point, most digital publishers understand the importance of web analytics. While page views will always have a role here, audience engagement is taking the lead for publishers interested in measuring the success of their editorial content. A decade ago, it was expected that publishers would look at page views and unique visitors as…