Social Media Video

Building Community with Social Media Video

How can you grow your audience with social media video? Start by deciding who you want to reach and how you want them to find your content. Then ask what you need to do to keep those viewers returning for more. Social media audiences have all the options. People can choose for themselves what they…

Subscriber Management Tool

How to Grow Your Readership — 5 Simple Steps

In some ways, digital publishing has never been easier. Content management systems like WordPress have democratized publishing, so just about anyone can create a website and start posting their thoughts online for the world to see. But developing a publishing business requires more than just getting your thoughts on the screen. For that, you’ll need…

loyal readers

Loyal Readers Consume the Most Content — Why That Matters

When you generate story ideas and publish content on your website, who are you writing for? If you’re trying to attract readers from social media or win the battle for search engine dominance, you might be taking the wrong approach. According to a new study, loyal readers consume a whopping 5x more content than non-loyal…

Ask Readers to Share Your Content

How to Ask Readers to Share Your Content

Learn the best ways to ask readers to share your content. Digital publishers need a steady stream of new readers to survive. Mastering reader acquisition is key to the growth of any digital publication. We’ve covered how to use social media marketing and email newsletters to grow your audience, but the biggest referral source is…



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Membership Management Platforms

25 Audience Engagement Strategies for Digital Publishers

Proven audience engagement strategies for publishers of all sizes Readers are being pulled in every direction. Digital news publishers are competing not just against each other, but also against media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. With access to so many forms of media, consumers are quick to click away from content when they aren’t…

Growth strategies for publishers

5 Growth Strategies Used by Successful Digital Publishers

Digital publications need to grow if they want to survive. More readers, more clicks, more revenue — it’s all important for a news publication. Top publishers are investing in new ways to engage readers as they refine their growth strategies for the coming year. They’re also experimenting with using social media in creative ways and…

Audience of News Readers

Understanding Your Audience: 4 Types of News Readers

Understand the four main types of news readers and learn how you can engage each group to encourage online interactions and conversions. In order to connect with your online audience, you need to know who they are and what motivates them. What brings them to your website? Which types of content are they most likely…

News Publishers Can Be More Inclusive

How News Publishers Can Be More Inclusive

Expanding audiences and bringing new readers into the fold of a digital news publication involves more than just social media marketing or discounts on subscription prices. When news publishers can be more inclusive, they open up the door to a larger readership and expand their opportunities for revenue generation. What does inclusivity look like in…

Connect with younger readers

How Digital Publishers Can Connect with Younger Readers

Top Strategies to Connect with Younger Readers Eighteen to 34. That’s the most coveted age demographic among brand advertisers. Because advertisers care so much about reaching consumers between the ages of 18 and 34, that’s also the demographic news publishers should be engaging with to keep their advertiser clients satisfied. Consumers in the 18-to-34 demographic…