hyperlocal calendars

Generating Revenue By Selling Access to Hyperlocal Calendars

The hyperlocal news platform Patch has been put through the wringer. In the 12 years since its launch, Patch has been bought and sold multiple times. Each purchase led to new editorial strategies and plans for helping the network become sustainable and profitable. Now, more than five years after Patch was spun off by AOL…

Events Calendars

The Best SEO Techniques for Events Calendars

Google is constantly tweaking its algorithm, requiring publishers to adjust their search strategies to keep pace. What changes have you made lately, and what new strategies have you implemented to bring visitors to your local events calendar? If the answer is none, then keep reading for the best SEO techniques for events calendars. One of…

SEO Strategy for Magazines

5 Revenue Strategies for Magazine Publishers

We all know brand sponsorships pay the bills at national magazines, but smaller streams of revenue can still add up to big financial gains for digital outlets. Rather than “thinking big,” the latest revenue strategies for magazine publishers are taking advantage of unused web space and repurposed content. The big trend among magazine publishers right…