Build a Custom CMS

Should You Build a Custom CMS?

If you have been in the digital publishing industry for long enough, you’ve probably come across someone who’s decided to build a custom CMS. The process can provoke anxiety and frustration for even the most experienced publishers. That’s because the expectations for a custom CMS are almost never in line with reality. The reasons behind…

Drupal Too Expensive

Is Drupal Too Expensive? Find the Cheaper Alternative

We all know that Drupal is an open-source platform that provides the back-end framework for millions of websites. While the platform is often touted as being free, that isn’t entirely true. Many digital news publishers and magazine publishers are finding that Drupal is too expensive, and they are looking for a cheaper alternative. Drupal has…

Affiliate Marketing Strategies

How to Select the Best Digital Publishing Platform

Are you wondering how to select the best digital publishing platform? Keep reading for the answer. Magazine, newspaper, and blog publishers are all asking the same question: How do you go about picking the best digital publishing platform? With hundreds of options to choose from, each with its own features and tools, it’s easy to…

Choosing the Right CMS

Choosing the Right CMS: The Five Questions You Need to Ask

Choosing the right CMS can seem like a daunting task. If you’re a digital publisher, you’re probably more interested in the topics you cover than the technology that’s powering your website. But choosing the right CMS can make or break a publication. Content management systems control the way we create, manage, and modify the content…



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Moving to WordPress CMS

What You Should Know Before Moving to WordPress CMS

More publishers are moving to WordPress CMS. We’ve put together this guide with everything you should know before making the switch. Everything you do at a news organization revolves around your content management system. Editorial content, photos, video, subscriptions, and advertising can all be constrained by an outdated or closed-source CMS. If your publishing system…

Migrate to WordPress

5 Reasons to Migrate to WordPress

If you’ve been considering migrating your website to WordPress, we’ve got all the reasons why you should take the leap. Deciding to migrate to WordPress is one of the smartest decisions a digital publisher can make. Not only is WordPress the most popular content management system (CMS) around these days, but the platform itself is…

Choosing CMS as a magazine publisher

How to Choose a CMS as a Magazine Publisher

Choosing the best CMS as a magazine publisher means looking under the hood and evaluating how the features offered by various platforms align with your own needs. It also means considering how difficult it might be to migrate from your existing CMS to the new system you choose. Content management systems serve as the backbone…

WordPress vs Wagtail

Publishers Are Choosing WordPress Over Wagtail — Here’s Why

Digital publishers who are looking for self-hosted content management systems have dozens of options to choose from, but WordPress has become the de facto choice for anyone who is serious about online publishing. Why is that, and what makes the WordPress (WP) platform a better fit for publishers than Wagtail? In this article, we will…

Build a Custom CMS

Choosing the Best CMS: Open-Source vs. Closed Source

Open-source vs. closed. For independent publishers looking to build or revamp their websites, there might be no greater question. Choosing the right content management system (CMS) is one of the first decisions a publisher makes, and within the broad category of CMS platforms are both open-source and closed solutions. A content management system is the…