AP DataKit for Local Publishers

What Is AP DataKit?

If you’re a local news publisher, you’ve most likely heard about the new AP DataKit. The free, open source command-line tool was released earlier this month. Despite AP DataKit being made specifically for newsrooms and journalists, many publishers of local news sites and online magazines are still unsure about how take full advantage of this…


How to Use Spreadsheets in Digital Reporting

Spreadsheets are helping reporters explain themselves to readers and tell better stories. Would you like your reporters to produce the types of stories that generate shares and clicks? That’s exactly what digital reporters are producing right now using the latest techniques in data management and spreadsheets. Throughout the media world, there is a growing recognition…

public records laws

State-by-State Guide to Public Records Laws

Reporters at digital publications have the same rights as those from legacy media organizations. In this state-by-state guide to public records laws, we will break down those legal rights and explain what digital publishers can do to make sure their reporters are seeing the public information they’re entitled to. Thanks in large part to the…



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7 Data Journalism Tools for the Local Publisher’s Toolbox

Sophisticated data journalism tools are giving local reporters a way to dig deep into community records and uncover powerful stories that have never been told before. Some of the most groundbreaking stories in local news were brought to light thanks to big data. Now, with many of the top data journalism tools available for free…

Local Websites Sell Stock to Readers

Data Journalism for Local Publishers: Where to Begin

Data journalism and hyperlocal publishing go hand-in-hand. Although data journalism has been defined as the process of “gathering, cleaning, organizing, analyzing, visualizing, and publishing data to support the creation of acts of journalism,” it really means different things to different people. At its core, data journalism involves using data as a source for news stories….

Hyperlocal Publishers

5 Trends Impacting Hyperlocal Publishers

Daily newspapers are shrinking, but hyperlocal publishers are finding success in the aftermath. Fewer than 1,300 daily newspapers currently operate in the U.S., down from around 1,800 in 1970, and more than half of newspaper jobs have disappeared over the last 15 years. In place of corporate-owned daily newspapers are a growing number of digital-first…