Vanity URLs

Landing Page Guidelines for Vanity URLs

Vanity URLs help people remember your brand and find your landing pages organically. Just make sure your vanity URLs are set up using these guidelines. Most digital publishers know about the importance of landing pages, but few understand the full benefit of using vanity URLs for the most popular pages on their websites. A vanity…

Copywriting Tips

The Latest Opportunities for Local News Entrepreneurs

If you’ve been toying with the idea of starting a digital publication, now is the time to do it. The resources and opportunities for local news entrepreneurs have never been greater, despite lingering concerns about the stability of many legacy media companies. Innovation in the digital publishing industry is coming from both nonprofit and for-profit…

new media landscape

What Digital Publishers Should Know About the New Media Landscape

Young adults are leading the way. As a new media landscape begins to develop, young adults are at the forefront of all things digital. What does this mean for publishers, and how can online media businesses get in the right position to capitalize on the momentum? We’ll tell you. It’s not your imagination. The media…

Publishers Confident About 2021

Digital Publishers Are Confident About 2021. Here’s Why

The drop in revenue that some publishers saw last spring was somewhat inevitable, as waves of Covid-19 cases led to economic uncertainty around the world. But as we finish out 2020, publishers say they are feeling confident about 2021. There’s good reason for that optimism. Subscription revenue for digital publishers grew strongly in the second…



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Local News Partnership Deals

The Publisher’s Guide to Partnership Deals

Collaboration and sharing have always been crucial to local news reporting, but so especially right now in the Covid era. Facing lackluster ad sales, digital publishers are looking at partnership deals as a way to get back on track and drive audience growth. Negotiating the current media landscape means finding likeminded publishers and commercial partners…

Digital Publishing Case Studies

6 Digital Publishing Case Studies

Learn how successful digital publishers planned, organized, and executed their digital publishing strategies. Don’t go it alone. The best way to learn about how to create a profitable digital publication is to ask how others have achieved the same goal. Similar publishers who have built successful media companies can be an excellent resource, whether you’re…

Subscription Success

What Can Digital Publishers Teach Brands?

There’s never been an easier time to become a digital publisher. Popular publishing platforms are being designed in a way that anyone can use. Overly-complicated and expensive technology is no longer necessary for digital publishers. All you need these days is a smartphone and a WordPress account to get going. With such a low barrier…

digital publishing trends 2020

The Biggest Digital Publishing Trends in 2020

The digital publishing world has turned upside down over the past six months, and media executives are still working to get their bearings. While 2019 was a year filled with surprises, no one could have guessed the wild ride publishers would be taking in 2020. Ad rates are dropping, but membership programs and subscription rates…

Image Search Engines for Digital Newsrooms

Top 5 Image Search Engines for Digital Newsrooms

Identifying fake images is getting harder. Because doctored photos can be nearly impossible to spot with the human eye, more journalists are relying on image search engines for digital newsrooms to recognize fake content before accidentally re-publishing false information. If you are looking for a streamlined way to verify photos and find out where images…

Make Money From a News Website

How to Make Money From a News Website — 5 Steps

When most entrepreneurs launch a news website, they focus on the hard work, dedication, and technical savvy that’s necessary to get a new project up and running. But what happens next is what really determines whether a news website flourishes or fails. In order to make money from a news website, publishers need to know…