Tools to Grow Your Publishing Business

Try These 5 Apps to Grow Your Publishing Business

If you want to grow your publishing business, achieve new milestones, and hit all your revenue targets in 2021, try these five new apps. What are the most important parts of your tech stack? If you’re not sure of the answer, you might not be using the right technology. Cloud-based apps and platforms are one…

Live Streaming Apps

The Best Live Streaming Apps for News Publishers

If you’re anything like most digital news publishers, you’re always on the hunt for tools to make your workday better. These are the best live streaming apps for news publishers. Local news sites don’t always have the largest budgets or the largest staffs. What they do have is feet on the ground in the communities…

Customer Service

7 Online Publishing Tools to Try Right Now

Everyone could use a helping hand. With so many online publishing tools available right now, there’s no reason not to try some of them out. As we all work to navigate the new normal we’ve found ourselves in this year, now is a good time to take a step back and evaluate how you can…

Social Media Video

Video Editing Tools for Digital Journalists

The top video editing tools for digital journalists You’ve probably heard how important video content is for digital publications. Without video, your website can start to feel stale. That’s because readers are demanding more video content from their favorite publications. Advertisers are gravitating towards video, as well, spending large portions of their budgets on native…



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Digital Fact-Checking Tools

How to Use Digital Fact-Checking Tools

Publishers are tackling misinformation head on by encouraging their reporters and editors to use digital fact-checking tools. Here’s what you need to know. Digital journalists are working overtime to avoid having their articles branded as “fake news.” In its new survey on the State of Technology in Global Newsrooms, the International Center for Journalists found…