Apple's Privacy Change

How Is Apple’s Privacy Change Impacting Digital Publishers?

Apple’s privacy change is already having a big impact on digital publishers, even before its official debut. When Apple Mail Privacy Protection launches with iOS 15, it will be one of the most significant privacy updates in Apple’s history. While the update will have the biggest impact on digital publishers that send email newsletters, the…

personalized emails

How to Increase Engagement with Personalized Emails

More than 205 billion emails are sent and received each day, and the average person receives more than 400 commercial emails each month. With so much action going on inside inboxes these days, have you ever stopped to consider how people decide which emails to open first? Messages from friends, family, and coworkers clearly rise…

cart abandonment campaigns

Do Publishers Need Cart Abandonment Campaigns?

How cart abandonment campaigns are helping news publishers improve conversion rates. “Can we help with your order?” It’s a simple subject line, attached to a simple automated email, but it has been shown to lead to a major increase in subscription rates for news publishers. Cart abandonment campaigns have become commonplace among e-commerce retailers, but…