sell newsletter sponsorships

How to Sell Newsletter Sponsorships

Want to level up your advertising program? If you don’t already have a plan to sell newsletter sponsorships, you may be missing out. Display advertising is one of the most popular ways for online magazine publishers to generate revenue. However, despite its long history in the media industry, display advertising rates have been dropping for…

Placing Ads in Email Newsletters

Debunking 5 Myths About Placing Ads in Email Newsletters

Publishers have many preconceived notions about placing ads in email newsletters. Advertisers might have heard that newsletters don’t have as much reach as websites, that they don’t generate high click-through rates, or they’re not equipped for ad targeting. However, newsletters are actually an incredibly effective channel for advertisers to reach consumers, and one that can…

Business Tools for Newsletter Publishers

5 Must-Have Business Tools for Newsletter Publishers

Email newsletters have been around for decades, but the strategies that digital publishers are using to monetize their newsletters have gotten more sophisticated. In just the past few years, the number of business tools for newsletter publishers has doubled (if not tripled). With so many options available now, how do you choose which business tools…



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Earn From Email Newsletters

How Much Can You Earn From Email Newsletters?

Here at Web Publisher PRO, we often hear from digital publishers who are considering launching their own email newsletters. However, many of these publishers are nervous to take the plunge and unsure of how much they can expect to earn from email newsletters. We thought it was time to answer some of the biggest questions…

Earn From Email Newsletters

Should Local Publishers Create Paid Newsletters?

The recent decision by Forbes to launch its own paid newsletters platform has been seen by many in the publishing industry as a signal that change is on the horizon. But Forbes isn’t the only major media company to go this route. A handful of legacy media outlets have launched paid newsletter platforms over the…

Newsletter Open and Clickthrough Rates

17 Tips to Improve Your Newsletter Open and Clickthrough Rates

Are you ready to improve your newsletter open and clickthrough rates? We’ll show you how. Running a successful email newsletter means reaching out to people who actually want to hear from your publication. Unfortunately, what happens too often is that emails get lost in readers’ inbox clutter or their spam folders. By the time a…

Increase Newsletter Sign Ups

How to Increase Newsletter Sign Ups With Better Forms

Email continues to be one of the most popular channels that digital publishers use to communicate with readers. Growing that channel means finding better ways to increase newsletter sign ups, so you can grow your audience. Researchers have found that email generates $38 for every $1 spent. For publishers, that means increases in subscription rates,…

personalized emails

How to Increase Engagement with Personalized Emails

More than 205 billion emails are sent and received each day, and the average person receives more than 400 commercial emails each month. With so much action going on inside inboxes these days, have you ever stopped to consider how people decide which emails to open first? Messages from friends, family, and coworkers clearly rise…

Email Newsletters

Are Newsletters the New Homepage? What Publishers Should Know

Does it feel like your inbox is overflowing with newsletters? You’re not alone. For many news publishers, newsletters have become an incredible revenue driver. Surging reader interest, coupled with ample opportunities for monetization, is leading publishers to launch more and more email newsletters. Email newsletters give avid news readers access to information throughout the day….