Host Virtual Events on LinkedIn

How to Host Virtual Events on LinkedIn

Did you know that digital publishers can host virtual events on LinkedIn? Our guide will show you how this is done. Publishers around the globe have moved their live events online this year. Even once the Covid-19 pandemic is over, it’s likely that many of these events will remain online-only for the foreseeable future. Broadly…

Event Listing Websites

The Best Event Listing Websites for Virtual Events

Use these event listing websites to expand your reach and get your virtual (and live) events listed on Google and Facebook. Virtual and in-person events can be a big moneymaker for digital publishers. Conferences, festivals, and summits are just a few examples of the types of events that publishers can host. While most live events…

Virtual Events

6 Ways Publishers Are Making Money from Virtual Events

Live events had become a substantial source of revenue for digital publishers. Then, Covid-19 hit. With live events immediately shut down across the country, some publishers saw 20% of their total annual revenue disappear overnight. Now, months into this pandemic, publishers have started to get creative with how they promote and monetize their events. Rather…

Distributed Newsrooms

Hosting Live Events In the Covid Era

Live events are one of the many casualties of Coronavirus, as thousands of conferences, trade shows, forums, and other networking opportunities have gotten called off since the pandemic began. For digital publishers who relied on hosting live events to generate revenue, the disruption has been especially painful. According to Forbes Magazine’s Coronavirus Cancellation Tracker, more…



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Embedded Videos

Mobile Streaming Video – Insights for Publishers

Digital publishers are embracing mobile streaming video, as they work to develop the types of experiences that drive engagement and conversions. Audiences are increasingly coming to expect mobile streaming video from news publishers. Mobile streaming video is growing around the world as more viewers demand newer ways to watch content from their smartphones and tablet…

live events

Publishers Are Using Live Events to Combat Lagging Ad Sales – Here’s How

After two years of financial struggles and employee layoffs, the women’s lifestyle publisher Refinery29 is now starting to capitalize on the success of its live events to turn things around. Here’s how the company is growing its pop-up series, and how other digital publishers can turn live events into a reliable source of revenue. Like…

Digital Publishing Industry

How Local Publishers Use Live Events to Drive Profitability

As local publishers look for new ways to squeeze every last drop of revenue from their publications, live events are becoming a more attractive option. Most local publishers already have deep ties within the communities they cover, not just with readers, but with small business advertisers and elected officials, as well. Given those relationships, publishers…