The Batavian

Publisher Insights: Q&A with The Batavian’s Howard Owens

How are local news publishers handling the Covid-19 pandemic? We’ve all seen dire headlines and heard predictions that the pandemic could kill local news. Although traffic to local news sites was up 89% in March compared to February, industry groups were still predicting a 23% decline in 2020 ad sales as of late spring. Now,…

Potomac Local

Publisher Insights: Q&A with Potomac Local’s Uriah Kiser

What does it take to be successful in local publishing? If you’re looking for the answer, a good place to start would be by talking to Uriah Kiser at Potomac Local News. Over the past 10 years, Kiser has developed one of the most prominent hyperlocal news outlets in the industry. In honor of Potomac…


More Local Newsrooms Are Launching Collaborative Journalism Projects – Here’s Why

Local publishers are using collaborative journalism projects to build their profiles without draining their resources. If you’re a publisher with a restricted budget, then hiring a team of professional journalists to conduct months of research into a single topic may not be in the cards. Through collaborative journalism projects, independent news websites can band together…