Value Proposition

What Is Your Value Proposition?

Having a compelling value proposition will help in every aspect of your publishing business. It’s something that every member of your team should know by heart, whether they work in sales, editorial, marketing, or any other department. A value proposition is a straightforward statement that summarizes why a reader would choose your publication over any…

Twitter Blue for Publishers

How Twitter’s Subscription Payments Could Benefit Publishers

You may have heard that Twitter is considering adding subscription capabilities to its platform. If the social media company starts allowing users to receive subscription payments from their followers, some digital publishers could be in for a windfall. If you’ve ever solicited contributions from your readers through Patreon, then Twitter’s new subscription payments capabilities might…

Membership Management Platforms

5 Best and Most Popular Membership Management Platforms in 2021

As the number of digital publishers with subscription programs has grown, so has the level of interest in membership management platforms. If you’ve recently launched a subscription offering or membership program at your publication, you might be wondering which membership management platform is the best and which one you should choose. Membership management platforms help…



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online memberships during coronavirus

How to Increase Online Memberships During a Pandemic

Digital publishers are seeing surges in website traffic as people search for information about Covid-19, but capitalizing on that interest and asking visitors to pay for online memberships or subscriptions is a delicate proposition. Membership and subscription programs have become one of the key revenue streams for digital publishers, so it makes sense that publishers…


Extending Value with the Publishing Membership Model

The publishing membership model is having a moment. Unlike other monetization strategies, which often fit a broad spectrum of media publications, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to online memberships. Data and analytics are a publisher’s best resource for designing a membership program. The best publishing membership model is…

What is a membership editor?

What Is a Membership Editor?

The Atlantic has one. So does Quartz, The Guardian, and dozens of new media organizations. Over the last year, the number of membership editor positions at digital media publications has exploded. But if you’re like many publishers, you’re probably still wondering what is a membership editor, and what role does the membership editor fill at…

Premium Features

Offer More Premium Features in 2019

What sort of premium features would entice you to pay for an online publication? It’s a question digital publishers are grappling with, and one that they must find an answer to in 2019 if they wish to survive—and thrive—in the competitive media landscape. The business model for digital journalism is changing, with more and more…

Membership Programs for Directory Publishers

Membership Programs for Directory Publishers

Consumers are finally warming to the idea of paying for premium content, and directory publishers are capitalizing on the sea change. Like news organizations, a growing number of directory publishers are launching membership programs for their most frequent visitors. Similar to subscription packages, premium memberships offer incremental revenue for directory publishers who’ve grown tired of…

membership program

Local Lessons From The Daily Beast’s New Membership Program

Membership programs are all the rage among digital publishers right now, with The Daily Beast becoming the latest outlet to enter the fray. Daily Beast readers who want early access and exclusive content can pay $100 to join Beast Inside, a membership program that positions readers as team members and decreases the publication’s reliance on…