Affiliate Marketing Strategies

The Latest Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Publishers

Learn how to generate a passive income with the latest affiliate marketing strategies, designed specifically for the digital publishing community. Who doesn’t want to generate income while they sleep? That’s the main idea behind passive income, and it’s one of the major reasons why publishers are investing so heavily in affiliate marketing in 2020. For…

Micropayments Work for Online Publishers

How Micropayments Work for Online Publishers

Mozilla’s recent announcement that it’s launching a $100 million grant program to boost innovations in web monetization has created a renewed interest in using micropayments to fund online journalism. Although micropayments have been used on a small scale for years, it’s not uncommon for people to still have questions about how micropayments work for online…

Licensing deals for publishers

The Digital Publisher’s Guide to Licensing Deals

Meredith, Condé Nast, Buzzfeed, and Hearst are just a few examples of publishers who’ve managed to turn licensing deals into lucrative new streams of revenue. Is your publication ready to take the plunge into brand licensing? Publishers who are looking for revenue sources outside of the obvious channels—like paid subscriptions and display advertising—are finding that…

Monetize "Top Doctors" lists

How to Monetize ‘Top Doctors’ Lists

“Top Doctors” lists provide a valuable service to readers of city and regional magazines, helping them research the most qualified health professionals in their communities. But these lists are more than just a resource for patients. Increasingly, publishers are finding smarter ways to monetize “Top Doctors” lists, creating powerful new opportunities for revenue diversification in…



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recycled content

8 Ways to Sell Online News Subscriptions

Readers have been clamoring for quality journalism for years. What’s different now is that they’re finally willing to pay for it. The percentage of Americans paying for online news has surged from 9% to 16% in just the past year, according to the Reuters Institute Digital News Report. Donations to news organizations have tripled in…

Placing Ads in Email Newsletters

How Top Digital Publishers Generate Revenue with Premium Newsletters

The new year is all about working smarter, not harder. As digital publishers search for ways to generate more revenue from their existing editorial content, a solution they’ve stumbled upon is the premium newsletter. One of many add-on products publishers are making available to subscribers for a fee, premium newsletters capitalize on the trusted relationships…