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Native Advertising Best Practices for Online Magazine Publishers

The best native advertising programs drive conversions, engagement, and revenue for online magazine publishers. Pinpointing exactly how to develop the kind of successful native advertising program that actually moves the needle on profitability, without being disruptive, is challenging. That makes learning about native advertising best practices especially important for online magazine publishers. Native advertising is…

Native Ad Platforms for News Publishers

The Best Native Ad Platforms for News Publishers

If you’re interested in generating revenue outside of traditional display advertising, then these are the native ad platforms for news publishers that you’ll want to try. What happens when you’ve reached a maximum fill rate for display advertising on your website? Just because your standard ad sizes, like the banner, leaderboard, and skyscraper, are full…

Branded Content Business Model

How to Succeed with the Branded Content Business Model

Branded content isn’t new. For more than a decade now, digital publishers have been generating revenue by producing content for brands. The branded content business model has become a critical stream of revenue that’s allowed publishers to thrive. But changes in the industry in 2020 are causing some publishers to reevaluate their approach. City and…

Mobile Revenue Strategies

The Latest Mobile Revenue Strategies for Publishers

Smartphone usage continues to grow among consumers of local news. According to the latest Digital News Report from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, 66% of Americans now use mobile devices to access the news, and people are spending more time on mobile than watching television. In response to this changing tide, local…



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native advertising

The Pros and Cons of Native Advertising

The native advertising industry is booming, and digital publishers are taking notice. According to the advertising firm AdYouLike, the native ad industry is poised to grow to $400 billion by 2025 — a 372% increase from the expected market size in 2020. With advertisements that blend seamlessly into publishers’ existing editorial flows, native advertising goes…