Online Magazine

5 Essential Strategies for Online Magazine Publishers

Do you want to create an online magazine that’s both professional and profitable? Then build these five essential strategies into your business plan today. What tools do you have in your publishing arsenal? With the growing number of magazines making the switch from print to digital, publishers are having to work harder to stay ahead…

Building an Online Magazine

The 5 Best Resources for Building an Online Magazine

Building an online magazine from scratch requires editorial acumen, business savviness, and a lot of technical skills. Think you have what it takes? Check out these five authoritative posts from Web Publisher PRO to get a better idea of what’s involved. Right now is arguably the best time in history to become a digital publisher….

Promote an Online Magazine

How to Promote an Online Magazine

Discover how to promote an online magazine, and find out the resources required to get the results you want. Online magazines are different from print magazines in a lot of ways, and we’re not just talking about how they’re produced. Digital publishers have unique considerations when it comes to promoting their businesses. Many of the…

marketing for online magazines

The Best Strategies Online Magazines Can Steal from Marketers

Global retail brands spend millions of dollars on marketing each year. Online magazines looking to optimize their revenue streams should take a look at the strategies big marketers are pioneering and find ways to adapt those strategies for their own use. Nike, Verizon, and Kellogg are just three examples of global brands with super-sized marketing…



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