Subscriber Management Tool

Subscriber Management Tools for Digital Publishers

Attracting new subscribers is only half the battle. As a digital publisher, it’s your job to keep paying subscribers engaged so they will renew their subscriptions at the end of each term. The easiest way to do that is by using subscriber management tools that integrate directly into your website. Cloud-based subscriber management tools are…

Tools to Grow Your Publishing Business

Try These 5 Apps to Grow Your Publishing Business

If you want to grow your publishing business, achieve new milestones, and hit all your revenue targets in 2021, try these five new apps. What are the most important parts of your tech stack? If you’re not sure of the answer, you might not be using the right technology. Cloud-based apps and platforms are one…

Aspiring Local News Publishers

7 Resources for Aspiring Local News Publishers

The need for high-quality local journalism has never been greater, and yet the obstacles to launching a hyperlocal media website are still daunting for aspiring local news publishers. Hundreds of hyperlocal news websites currently operate in the U.S. and Canada, and every one of those publications faced certain challenges and struggles in the beginning. How…

Membership Management Platforms

5 Best and Most Popular Membership Management Platforms in 2021

As the number of digital publishers with subscription programs has grown, so has the level of interest in membership management platforms. If you’ve recently launched a subscription offering or membership program at your publication, you might be wondering which membership management platform is the best and which one you should choose. Membership management platforms help…



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Paywall Software

The Best Paywall Software for Magazine Publishers

Everything you need to know about the best paywall software designed for magazine publishers Subscription sales went through the roof in 2020. Within the digital news and media category, subscriptions rose an incredible 110% during the first half of the year. But even in the best of times, managing a successful subscription program takes a…