Live Streaming Apps

The Best Live Streaming Apps for News Publishers

If you’re anything like most digital news publishers, you’re always on the hunt for tools to make your workday better. These are the best live streaming apps for news publishers. Local news sites don’t always have the largest budgets or the largest staffs. What they do have is feet on the ground in the communities…

Social Media Video

Video Editing Tools for Digital Journalists

The top video editing tools for digital journalists You’ve probably heard how important video content is for digital publications. Without video, your website can start to feel stale. That’s because readers are demanding more video content from their favorite publications. Advertisers are gravitating towards video, as well, spending large portions of their budgets on native…

Fact-Checking Tools for News Publishers

The Best Fact-Checking Tools for News Publishers

We’ve rounded up the best fact-checking tools for news publishers Americans see fake news as a bigger problem than violent crime or climate change, according to surveys by Pew Research Center. For digital news publishers, even small errors can lead to distrust among readers and a reputation as an unreliable media outlet. Lacking the budgets…