Recover Search Rankings

How to Recover Your Search Rankings In 2022

From slow website speeds to link spam, there are hundreds of reasons why publishers lost SEO traffic in 2021. As we head into the new year, it’s time to start thinking about how to recover your search rankings and navigate Google’s latest algorithm changes. Google took a more aggressive approach with its search algorithm in…

Bounce Rate For Better SEO Performance

How To Calculate Bounce Rate For Better SEO Performance

How should you calculate bounce rate, and how can an improved bounce rate lead to better SEO performance? Bounce rate is one of those web marketing terms that means very little without context. It has nothing to do with inflatable balls or basketball games. When it comes to website analytics, bounce rate involves the percentage…

Optimizing Title Tags

Optimizing Title Tags: Best Practices for Digital Publishers

Have you ever wondered where the clickable text that appears on Google’s search results pages comes from? The headlines for search listings—the first thing most people see when running an online search—are automatically generated based on a webpage’s title tags. That’s just one of the reasons why optimizing title tags is so important for digital…

Tips for SEO in 2022

Will Keywords Matter for SEO in 2022?

Changes in Google’s search algorithm are leading more publishers to question whether keywords will matter for SEO in 2022. Keyword rankings have become an obsession for some digital publishers. Within the B2B, lifestyle, regional, and parenting magazine niches, ranking on the first page of Google results for high-value keywords is an important metric of success….



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Google Continuous Scrolling

How Will Google’s Continuous Scrolling Update Impact Publishers?

Google’s latest update to mobile search could have a big impact on digital publishers. Here’s what you should know. If you’re not closely monitoring Google’s latest search updates, you may have missed last week’s announcement. Continuous scrolling is coming to Google Search on mobile, which means publishers that rely on search traffic could be in…

Headline Testing Magazine

How Headline Testing Drives Higher Engagement

Headline testing is what happens when editorial teams try out multiple title variations for an article to see which one performs best. As a digital publisher, headline testing can be incredibly helpful when it comes to identifying which headlines are being clicked on and which headlines are leading to engagement with the content itself. This…

Optimize Photo Galleries

How to Optimize Photo Galleries for Google Search

Ever wonder how to get your photo galleries ranking in Google search? Try these optimization tips for photo gallery pages. Online magazines are known for having high-quality images. It’s one of the reasons why publishers spend so much time perfecting the design of their magazine websites. Photo galleries are one of the most popular sections…

WordPress themes SEO

Does Changing WordPress Themes Hurt Google Rankings?

Every website deserves a refresh, but if you’re changing WordPress themes, you might be wondering whether your Google ranking will drop. The answer is, it depends. In a recent video, Google’s John Mueller answered the question of whether changing WordPress themes causes websites to drop in Google rankings. According to Mueller, the answer depends on…

Google Continuous Scrolling

Google Page Experience Update — What Publishers Should Know

Google completed the rollout of its Page Experience update this week. Here’s what that means for digital publishers. If you missed Google’s announcement that the rollout of Google Page Experience update was completed this week, you weren’t alone. The announcement went under the radar for many, particularly within the digital publishing community. However, as more…

SEO Strategy for Magazines

Advanced SEO Strategy for City and Regional Magazines

Publishing a city or regional magazine comes with a unique set of challenges. An advanced SEO strategy is necessary for online magazines to compete with news sites and tourism bureaus for high-value keywords. While the fundamentals of SEO always remain the same, city and regional magazines are treated very differently by search engines like Google…