Online Magazine Subscriptions

The Real Reason Why Readers Cancel Online Magazine Subscriptions

The cost to bring in a new subscriber is three to five times higher than the cost to retain an existing one. With online magazine subscriptions becoming the most profitable revenue channel for many media businesses in 2021, publishers are paying closer attention to their subscriber retention techniques. To better understand the reasons why readers…

Grow Subscribers

How to Grow Subscribers with Free Content

Is putting up a paywall the right approach to grow subscribers at your publication? After years of industry momentum encouraging digital publishers to put up hard paywalls, the tides are slowly shifting. According to research by the American Press Institute’s Media Insights Project, nearly half (47%) of new subscribers say running out of free articles…

Subscription Pricing Online Magazine

Subscription Pricing Tips for Online Magazine Publishers [2021]

Why does a subscription that costs $29.97 sell better than one that costs $30? Online magazine publishers know that small adjustments in pricing can have a big impact on subscription sales. It comes down to psychology. In pricing psychology, a few cents can make or break a person’s decision on whether to click “buy.” Some…

Creative Subscription Strategies

3 Creative Subscription Strategies for Digital Publishers

Attracting new subscribers and building long-term relationships begins with diversification. If you’re looking for ways to drive higher lifetime value from existing subscribers, it’s time to diversify your offerings and try these creative subscription strategies. Of all the revenue streams that online newspaper and magazine publishers have at their disposal, three stand out as being…



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Copywriting Tips

Copywriting Tips for Subscription Publications

Try these creative copywriting tips to improve conversion rates on your subscription website. Are you constantly searching for more ways to convert website visitors into paying subscribers? Whether your publication is sustained by memberships, subscriptions, advertising, or some combination of the above, publishing compelling copy is the true key to driving conversions. Emotional copywriting can…

Subscriber Management Tool

Subscriber Management Tools for Digital Publishers

Attracting new subscribers is only half the battle. As a digital publisher, it’s your job to keep paying subscribers engaged so they will renew their subscriptions at the end of each term. The easiest way to do that is by using subscriber management tools that integrate directly into your website. Cloud-based subscriber management tools are…

Creative Subscription Strategies

How to Decrease Subscription Renewal Costs

Two of the biggest expenses for digital publishers are subscriber acquisition and subscriber retention. Finding ways to decrease subscription renewal costs can have a huge impact on overall profitability. For a publisher that operates at a 20% profit margin, every dollar saved in subscription and circulation efforts is the equivalent of $5 in new revenue….

Customer Service

How Customer Service Impacts Subscriber Retention

As digital publishers generate more revenue from reader subscriptions, the need for high-quality customer service has grown. A new report from American Press Institute finds that the customer support agents are often the only direct point of contact for a publication’s readers, so those interactions between service agents and subscribers play a huge role in…

Launch a Paywall

When Should You Launch a Paywall? A Detailed Guide

Is it ever too soon for a digital publication to launch a paywall? Absolutely. If you’re having a hard time deciding when to start charging for access to your website, you’re not alone. Anytime a new publication launches, the first priority should be developing strong, high-quality content. Without a solid content strategy in place, your…

Subscription Success

Are Younger Readers the Secret to Subscription Success?

Traditional newspapers have long been known for having older audiences, but new research is showing that younger readers might actually be the secret to long-term subscription success. In a recent survey published by the World Association of News Publishers, 23.4% of consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 said they are “ready to pay”…