Launching a subscription program

5 Things To Do Before Launching a Subscription Program

Subscriptions represent a path toward financial sustainability for many publishing businesses. But launching a subscription program involves more than just putting up a paywall. Launching a subscription program that generates real revenue requires a strategic business plan. You’ll need to take concrete steps to start your subscription program off on the right foot, and that…

freemium model

Is the Freemium Model Right For Your Publication?

How to decide whether the freemium model is a good fit for your publication and implement this strategy to increase revenue and profits in the New Year Paywalls, subscriptions, micropayments, memberships. When it comes to monetization strategies, publishers are feeling like they’ve tried it all. Ever since the financial viability of advertising-based revenue came into…

How to Increase Subscription Revenue in 2020

How to Increase Subscription Revenue in 2020

Lock your highest-quality content behind a paywall, and use these strategies to increase subscription revenue in 2020. The writing is on the wall. The path toward financial sustainability for digital publishers almost always involves some type of paid subscription product. In an effort to decrease their reliance on digital advertising and meet their financial goals,…

Sell Online Magazine Subscriptions

How to Sell More Online Magazine Subscriptions

The latest strategies for selling online magazine subscriptions It’s easier to sell online magazine subscriptions today than any time in history. Despite declines in the readership of print magazines, digital publishers are seeing a surge of interest. Just as people are ditching cable for streaming services, like Netflix and Hulu, they’re also trading in print…



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cart abandonment campaigns

Do Publishers Need Cart Abandonment Campaigns?

How cart abandonment campaigns are helping news publishers improve conversion rates. “Can we help with your order?” It’s a simple subject line, attached to a simple automated email, but it has been shown to lead to a major increase in subscription rates for news publishers. Cart abandonment campaigns have become commonplace among e-commerce retailers, but…

Boost Subscriptions

To Boost Subscriptions, Incentivize Reporters

The best subscription salesperson might be sitting at a desk in your office. As digital publishers look for new ways to boost subscriptions, some are turning to their own reporters for help. Reporters, editors, designers, freelancers, and other publication staffers can all be incentivized to sell subscriptions. This strategy is still new, so it hasn’t…

Find More Digital Subscribers

8 Ways to Get More Digital Subscribers

Subscription packages are steadily displacing display advertising as the most important revenue stream among digital publishers. But building a sustainable business from the revenue generated by monthly subscriptions or memberships isn’t easy. It relies on finding a constant stream of new readers and giving those readers a reason to pay for access to your online…