Building an Online Magazine

How COVID-19 Is Impacting Magazine Subscription Sales

Virtually everything about our lives has been upended by the Covid-19 pandemic, including the way we consume digital media. Online publishers have seen some unexpected changes, and they’re adjusting their magazine subscription sales tactics as a result. When the Covid-19 pandemic first hit one year ago, nobody knew what to expect. People across the globe…

Paywall Software

The Best Paywall Software for Magazine Publishers

Everything you need to know about the best paywall software designed for magazine publishers Subscription sales went through the roof in 2020. Within the digital news and media category, subscriptions rose an incredible 110% during the first half of the year. But even in the best of times, managing a successful subscription program takes a…

Bundled Subscriptions

Are Bundled Subscriptions the Right Approach for Digital Publishers?

Do bundled subscriptions dilute a publisher’s brand, or do they help publishers reach larger audiences and drive profitability? If you’re wondering whether bundled subscriptions are the right approach for your site, we’ve got the answer. The concept of a bundled subscription varies depending on who you ask and how you frame the question. The most…

Subscribers Feel Like VIPs

How to Make Subscribers Feel Like VIPs

The best way to reduce churn is to make your subscribers feel like VIPs. Whether you’re looking at a churn rate of 1% or 10%, there’s always room for improvement. Subscribers who leave after a short period of time are a drain on a publication’s resources. It costs so much more to convert a new…



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Building an Online Magazine

How to Deal with Subscriber Churn

These are the best strategies to prevent subscriber churn. Fewer clicks, less engagement, less frequent website visits — you know when a subscriber is about to cancel. Once a reader has started losing interest in what your publication is offering, your shot at keeping them as a subscriber begins to fade quickly. According to some…

Facebook Account Linking Tool

How to Build Engagement Using Facebook’s Account Linking Tool

The relationship between Facebook and digital news publishers has never been easy. For years, publishers have accused Facebook of stealing content and hiding their posts in the News Feed. With a new account linking tool on the horizon, though, Facebook is looking to turn things around. When it’s released, Facebook’s account linking tool will allow…

Paid Subscribers

How to Attract More Paid Subscribers

Now is the time to focus on pricing, topics, and content quality With ad spend shrinking in many markets, now is the time for publishers to start thinking about diversified revenue streams and how they are going to attract more paid subscribers in the coming year. Despite surging traffic this past spring, while people sheltered-in-place…

lead acquisition

Lead Acquisition Techniques for Online News Publishers

Online news publishers are fighting back against drops in advertising revenue during the coronavirus pandemic by shoring up their subscription programs. Using advanced lead acquisition techniques, online news publishers are finding new ways to bring in subscribers during this financially turbulent time. Smart investments in lead acquisition mean online publishers can grow their email lists…

online memberships during coronavirus

How to Increase Online Memberships During a Pandemic

Digital publishers are seeing surges in website traffic as people search for information about Covid-19, but capitalizing on that interest and asking visitors to pay for online memberships or subscriptions is a delicate proposition. Membership and subscription programs have become one of the key revenue streams for digital publishers, so it makes sense that publishers…

Free Archives

How to Use Free Archives to Attract More Subscribers

Content libraries. Special collections. Past issue archives. They go by many names. Magazine publishers are finding that when they open up their online archives and make them available for free, they actually increase their subscription rates. How’s that possible? Before we get into how online magazine publishers are boosting subscription rates by launching free archives,…