Travel Digital Magazines

Travel Is the Fastest Growing Category in Digital Magazines. Here’s Why

After months of being locked up at home, people around the world are itching to get out and travel. The trend is leading travel publications to see a huge jump in readership, with subscription rates and advertising fill rates going through the roof. According to data from Readly, a digital subscription service, travel and recreation…

Ad Viewability

5 Essentials for Every Digital Publisher

Profitability doesn’t happen by chance. To build a sustainable online business and grow as a digital publisher, you’ll want to incorporate these five essential elements. The digital publishing industry has been around long enough that the basic rules and norms are well-established. Most local news websites are run on the WordPress platform, and the vast…

Niche Publications

Why Niche Publications Are the Future of Digital Media

Having in-depth knowledge of a particular topic puts you at an advantage in any industry. The digital media industry is no exception. Recent trends show that niche publications are set to surpass general interest outlets, with readers showing strong preference for publications that focus directly on a few pertinent topics. The idea behind building growth…

Health and Wellness Content

Is Health and Wellness Content the Next Big Trend in Publishing?

When Dennis Publishing’s The Week Junior announced it was launching a new wellbeing section this month, the children’s magazine became the latest in a string of publications to increase coverage of health and wellness trends. What’s behind the push, and what might the growing interest in wellness content mean for digital publishers in 2021? While…



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Key Trends in Publishing

Podcasting, Privacy, and Other Key Trends Impacting Publishers in 2020

These are the key trends impacting digital publishers in 2020 — and beyond What a year it’s been. After experiencing a tumultuous winter and a record-setting spring and summer, when traffic figures at many digital news outlets went through the roof, a new normal has begun to set in. Publishers right now are setting up…

Subscriber Management Tool

How Publishers Are Increasing Subscribers During the Covid-19 Crisis

How are some digital publishers increasing subscribers during the Covid-19 crisis? Here’s what you should know. This year has been a true test for the publishing industry, with digital-first companies facing a great deal of uncertainty. A new report paints an optimistic outlook, though, particularly for publishers with subscription programs. Research show that most publishers…


How Publishers Are Responding to Covid-19

Local news publishers are facing challenges they’ve never seen before, as they deal with the Covid-19 pandemic from both a business perspective and a journalistic one. Throughout the crisis, publications across the country have seen record traffic. They have also seen a pullback in local business advertising, causing concern among many in the industry. According…

Digital Publishing Trends in 2020

Digital Publishing Trends in 2020: Everything You Need to Know

The world is moving away from print formats, and online publishers are poised to profit. That’s the key takeaway from dozens of surveys of consumers and media executives going into the year 2020. With more than 4.5 billion people now using the Internet, the latest digital publishing trends suggest that even more news consumption will…

Digital Publishing Trends 2019

5 Trends to Watch in Digital Publishing

Innovation. Innovation. Innovation. That’s what’s going on in the digital publishing industry right now. As publishers look for new monetization strategies, they are transforming the way readers digest content on both desktop and mobile devices. With a sharper focus on their digital products, publishers big and small are developing smarter production strategies based on what…

Hyperlocal Publishers

5 Trends Impacting Hyperlocal Publishers

Daily newspapers are shrinking, but hyperlocal publishers are finding success in the aftermath. Fewer than 1,300 daily newspapers currently operate in the U.S., down from around 1,800 in 1970, and more than half of newspaper jobs have disappeared over the last 15 years. In place of corporate-owned daily newspapers are a growing number of digital-first…