Optimize Photo Galleries

How to Optimize Photo Galleries for Google Search

Ever wonder how to get your photo galleries ranking in Google search? Try these optimization tips for photo gallery pages. Online magazines are known for having high-quality images. It’s one of the reasons why publishers spend so much time perfecting the design of their magazine websites. Photo galleries are one of the most popular sections…

Online Magazine

Best Practices When Merging Multiple Websites

Merging multiple websites can be an unpredictable process. We’ve put together the best strategies for identifying and prioritizing your most valuable pages when combining two or more publications. Merging multiple online publications into one website is a complicated affair. Attempting to manage the project in-house, without sacrificing your Google ranking in the process, is nearly…

Google News

What Google’s Mobile Redesign Means for Digital Publishers

If you’ve run a Google search on your smartphone or tablet recently, you may have noticed things are looking a little different. With the new year came a major visual redesign of Google’s mobile search experience. Now, weeks after its initial debut, more people are beginning to ask what Google’s mobile redesign means for digital…

End of Adobe Flash Player

What Does the End of Adobe Flash Player Mean for Publishers?

Closing the door on 2020 means many things for digital publishers, not the least of which is the end of Adobe Flash Player. Adobe officially announced that it would be ending support for its Flash Player as of December 31st, 2020, although rumors of its demise had been circling since 2017. In its quest to…



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Web Development Agency

7 Things a Web Development Agency Should Do for You

The definitive checklist for any publisher hiring a web development agency When you are building a digital publication and seeking support from a variety of resources, who helps you keep it all together? Who keeps your vendors connected and accountable? Who keeps your strategy cohesive? Who checks in to make sure the apps and platforms…

Web Magazine Design

10 Tips for Web Magazine Design

Content is king, but in the world of online publishing, website design is pretty important, too. Sure, you might be publishing hard-hitting articles. You might even be winning awards for the journalism on your website, but until you implement a professional web magazine design, it’s going to be hard for people to take your publication…

Tip Page for Anonymous Sources

Does Your Publication Need a Tip Page?

When readers have juicy scoops, how do they reach out to your publication? If your tipsters are nervous to share private information via telephone or email, then a secure tip page may be the solution. Most tipsters, or informants, aren’t sending envelopes without return addresses anymore, and they’re not hanging out in dark parking garages,…

Privacy Compliance Guidelines

The GDPR and Web Design: What Local Publishers Should Know

When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect earlier this year, local publishers took notice. The new European Union privacy laws hold small, local publishers to many of the same standards as technology giants like Google and Facebook. But coming into compliance with these new regulations often requires publishers to make changes to…

Decreasing Bounce Rates

Web Design Strategies to Decrease Bounce Rates

Getting people to a local news website is the easy part. Once visitors arrive, it’s up to the publisher to keep them engaged enough to stick around for more. A bounce rate is the percentage of website visitors who navigate away from a website after viewing a single page. For a local news publisher, that…

online directories

Website Design Guidelines for Local Publishers

The fundamental principles of good website design are well established. Typefaces should be easy to read. Images should be high resolution. Colors should enhance the reader experience. You’ve heard all the basics before. But local publishers have unique considerations when it comes to website design, and a different set of principles apply. The best websites…