How to Use Related Content to Improve Dwell Time

Publishers are rethinking the way they keep visitors on their websites and relying more heavily on related content tools to encourage engagement. As publishers, we spend a lot of time developing content that our audiences will want to consume. We try to maximize reach and frequently measure the success of our initiatives through metrics like…


Best Back-End WordPress Plugins for News Publishers

We’ve rounded up the best back-end WordPress plugins for news publishers. When most people think of setting up and maintaining a news website, they focus on the front-end. How does the website look? How is the navigation setup? How are the ads displaying? But the truth is, what’s happening on the back-end carries a lot…


Top WordPress Plugins to Grow Your Newsletter Subscriber List

Want to increase the size of your newsletter subscriber list? Keep reading to find out how. While the digital media landscape is always evolving, email has consistently remained one of the most effective ways for publishers to engage with their readers. We know that email open rates for the media and publishing industry are at…

Privacy Compliance Guidelines

Top WordPress Plugins for GDPR Compliance

If you’re a digital publisher, you’ll want to check out this list of the top WordPress plugins for GDPR compliance. More than a year has gone by since the General Data Protection Regulation went into effect, and publishers are still wondering what the ultimate impact will be. Although hefty fines were supposed to be a…



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Tips for SEO in 2022

How to Use the Yoast Plugin: A Guide for Publishers

Digital publishers have unique challenges when it comes to search engine optimization. The one-and-done approach to SEO doesn’t work when publishers are posting multiple articles or blog posts each day. In these cases, the Yoast plugin is a useful tool for webpage optimization. While the Yoast plugin is often described as effortless, that description isn’t…

Plugins to Boost Your Website’s Performance

Social Sharing Plugins for News Publishers

Think your website is optimized for social traffic? Not until you’ve added these social sharing plugins for news publishers. In the digital age, word-of-mouth has evolved into social sharing. In the same way that friends once recommended news articles to their friends, they’re now sharing content on social media. The biggest difference? Rather than telling…

WordPress comments plugins

Top WordPress Comments Plugins for News Publishers

Reader comments can sometimes be the best part of local news articles, particularly when it comes to hot button issues. With these WordPress comments plugins, you can add value to your news website and show readers that you value their opinions. While the use of comments sections on national media websites is declining, the comments…

Social Media Plugins for Publishers

Top 7 Social Media Plugins for News Publishers

Most Americans get their news through social media. So how do you make sure your news stories are being seen front and center? The easiest way is by adding social media plugins to your WordPress website. If you’re a publisher with a WordPress website, then social media plugins can help you encourage readers to share…

Outrank a More Popular Website

Top SEO Plugins for News Publishers

Start using the best SEO plugins for news publishers to increase your website traffic. As more publishers switch their websites over to WordPress, there is greater interest in learning how plugins can extend the functionality of news websites. Plugins, which are pieces of software with groups of functions that can be added to WordPress websites,…

end of third-party cookies

The Small Publisher’s Guide to Editorial Analytics

Numbers don’t lie. For local publishers looking for new ways to boost traffic and click-through rates, editorial analytics can serve as a roadmap to success. Rather than polling readers or simply guessing which articles will be most popular, more publishers are now relying on audience metrics and editorial analytics to inform their newsroom decisions. Editorial…