Native Ad Platforms for News Publishers

The Best Native Ad Platforms for News Publishers

If you’re interested in generating revenue outside of traditional display advertising, then these are the native ad platforms for news publishers that you’ll want to try.

What happens when you’ve reached a maximum fill rate for display advertising on your website? Just because your standard ad sizes, like the banner, leaderboard, and skyscraper, are full doesn’t mean you’ve maxed out your opportunities for revenue. A new generation of native ad platforms is opening up the door to additional streams of revenue, as publishers search for smarter ways to monetize their websites.

Native ads can take many different forms. On social media platforms, they might looks like posts that appear to be from the publication, even though they’re actually from an advertiser. Native advertising can also appear in the form of paid articles about topics that are relevant to the advertiser’s niche.

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Research shows that native advertising is taking off in popularity, particularly among publishers looking for new ways to monetize their websites. Here is our list of the top 6 native ad platforms for news publishers right now.

6 Native Ad Platforms for News Publishers


ADYOULIKE is a native advertising supply-side-platform (SSP). It combines artificial intelligence (AI) and semantic targeting to create innovative advertising experiences. What does that really mean? For starters, ADYOULIKE specializes in native in-feed advertising. Ads from ADYOULIKE have the same look and feel as the content on a publisher’s website. ADYOULIKE is able to do this at scale by leveraging AI to generate “relatable” native advertising campaigns based on the context of the specific webpage. ADYOULIKE says publishers benefit from header bidding adaptors, S2S connections and a suite of technical innovation services designed to strengthen direct sales while offering unique user experiences.

2. Native Ads

Native Ads is on a mission to remove display advertising from publishers’ websites and replace it with native content. Publishers who use the Native Ads platform can access the company’s tools to create and configure native ad widgets for their websites. Native Ads’ recommended content, in-feed, and promoted content widgets automatically resize to fit every screen size, so website visitors see the kind of clean content that drives engagement. Native Ads offers support for Javascript and multiple CMS platforms, including WordPress. Publishers can also access detailed reports to keep track of weekly earnings and other engagement metrics.

3. Nativo

Whether Nativo is truly the only ad platform that “combines the power of content with scale, measurement and control,” as the company claims on its website, may be up for debate. Regardless, Nativo does offer an innovative native advertising solution that news publishers will want to check out. The Nativo Ad Platform gives publishers access to advanced advertising technology specifically designed for native and sponsored campaigns. Publishers can run exclusive ad formats and take advantage of Nativo’s “intelligent” performance optimization tools to maximize the value from their native programs.


MGID offers publishers a way to generate revenue with what it calls “non-disruptive branded content.” MGID can make that claim because it has found a way to gear native content specifically for the individual publisher’s audience. Publishers are encouraged to integrate sponsored content and recommended products into their natural activity streams, so as to not alienate their audience with unwanted ads. MGID also boasts turn-key implementation, which allows publishers to get started by just copy/pasting a few lines of code into their websites.

5. Adcash

The name Adcash says it all. Adcash specializes in helping publishers monetize their websites through a variety of advertising formats, including native ads or sponsored content. Adcash says the sponsored content it provides blends seamlessly with surrounding content and generates high engagement and conversion rates for publishers. Ads are optimized to display across all devices. Adcash works with small, medium and large publishers.

6. Revcontent

If you already publish recommendations and reviews, then Revcontent is a native ad platform for news publishers that’s worth checking out. Revcontent is able to provide publishers with a new stream of revenue by monetizing content recommendations. These content recommendations are relevant to user interests, and publishers retail full control over the content they publish through the use of customizable widgets. Revcontent says publishers that use its platform are able to monetize their traffic at 30% to 50% higher rates than competing platforms. They can also utilize audience insights to drive editorial and revenue decision-making.