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The Best Paywall Software for Magazine Publishers

Everything you need to know about the best paywall software designed for magazine publishers

Subscription sales went through the roof in 2020. Within the digital news and media category, subscriptions rose an incredible 110% during the first half of the year. But even in the best of times, managing a successful subscription program takes a bit of know-how, along with access to the latest paywall software.

The right paywall software can make it exponentially easier to manage a subscription program, especially for busy news and online magazine publishers.

You might be wondering what paywall software is and how it works. Broadly speaking, paywalls are systems for monetizing websites by controlling access to content. Publishers control access by putting up gates or paywalls, which prevent non-paying readers from being able to read the content on a website. Paywalls are generally regarded as the most effective tool that digital publishers have for encouraging people to subscribe to their publications.

How do publishers build paywalls on their websites? While there are a number of options, the most common solution is to use paywall software. Paywall software allows content publishers, including magazine publishers, to quickly put up paywalls around their website content. Using various rules and permissions, publishers are able to control who has access to their content and how many articles non-paying readers can view before they’re prompted to subscribe.

Within the world of paywall platforms, there is a lot of variability. Some platforms offer more flexibility than others. Some cost more than others. Some offer unique features that make them especially useful for news publishers or magazine publishers. Some integrate well with WordPress websites, while others do not.

We’ve put together a rundown with all the information you should know about the best paywall software available for magazine publishers today.

The Best Paywall Software for Magazine Publishers

1. MediaPass
MediaPass’s paywall software can be added to nearly any WordPress website with a single line of code. Publishers can use the software to add paywalls in front of their best content, including written articles, audio content, and videos. Customizable paywall configurations allow publishers to create hard paywalls, which block all non-paying readers from accessing content across an entire website, or section-specific paywalls, which limit access to certain portions of a website. Paywalls can also be triggered after a certain amount of views. When readers do choose to subscribe, they can do so through MediaPass, so publishers don’t have to deal with setting up another third-party system. MediaPass can handle offer-timed subscription plans, one-time access, or single transactions. The company charges publishers a percentage of their total subscription revenue.

2. LaterPay
If you run your website on WordPress, LaterPay is a paywall solution you’ll want to check out. LaterPay has developed a way for content creators of all sizes, including small, independent news publishers and bloggers, to monetize the content on their websites. LaterPay has developed a flexible paywall platform that combines conventional techniques with the company’s own proprietary “pay later” method for generating more revenue, so publishers can choose the content they want to sell and the content they want to give away for free. Enterprise publishers can offer ad-free experiences to readers with time-pass, subscription, and membership options. Publishers can add “contribution” buttons to their websites, so readers can donate money as a way to show their appreciation for especially high-quality content. LaterPay offers a WordPress plugin. LaterPay charges 15% of what publishers sell through its system.

3. Evolok
With Evolok, publishers can deploy incredibly detailed paywall and content gating strategies designed to maximize revenue on their websites. Evolok’s engagement and monetization platform enables publishers to implement and then change up their paywall strategies as circumstances evolve, so they can target a range of strategies or goals and then make adjustments on the fly. One of the many unique features Evolok offers is the ability for publishers to automatically challenge readers to register or pay to continue consuming content when ad blockers are detected. Publishers can use Evolok’s software to collect user information and utilize comprehensive reporting tools to compare the performance of different paywall strategies.

4. Leaky Paywall
With Leaky Paywall, magazine publishers can configure their own metered, hybrid, and hard paywalls. They can also sell memberships on their websites. Leaky Paywall is unique in the way it allows publishers to customize their campaigns to match readers with relevant content. The solution also includes add-on features, like multi-site access, campaign management, and reporting tools for publishers. Publishers can download Leaky Paywall to try for free.

5. Recurly
Recurly is a relatively sophisticated subscription management platform for all types of digital publishers and brands. Publishers can use Recurly to develop their own subscription programs and collect payments automatically. The company uses machine learning to improve subscription billing continuity, with exclusive technology that reportedly leads to increased monthly revenue. Recurly also offers real-time plan performance tracking, so publishers can learn more about what’s leading to subscriber churn. Digital publishers can try out Recurly for free.

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