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Top WordPress Plugins for GDPR Compliance

If you’re a digital publisher, you’ll want to check out this list of the top WordPress plugins for GDPR compliance.

More than a year has gone by since the General Data Protection Regulation went into effect, and publishers are still wondering what the ultimate impact will be. Although hefty fines were supposed to be a deterrent that kept online publishers in compliance, records show that no publishers have faced GDPR fines — yet.

That lack of enforcement within the digital publishing community could changing soon. The lag time between when the GDPR went into effect and when publishers will start seeing more comprehensive enforcement has given those in the digital media world a grace period to bring their websites into compliance. With all signs pointing to that grace period coming to an end—and industry experts saying enforcement is expected to get much tougher in the coming year—publishers are racing against the clock to ensure their media websites are designed in a way that follows the guidelines set out in the GDPR.

Publishers with WordPress websites are at an advantage in this regard, as a number of software developers have stepped forward with their own WordPress plugins for GDPR compliance.

Here is a roundup of popular WordPress plugins for GDPR compliance.

Note: Installing these plugins alone may not make your website GDPR compliant. To ensure your website has the right configurations, please consult with a legal advisor and a WordPress website development company that specializes in working with digital publishers.

WordPress Plugins for GDPR Compliance

1. Complianz – GDPR Cookie Consent
Complianz is a popular GDPR compliance WordPress plugin. In addition to supporting the GDPR, Complianz also supports ePrivacy and the CCPA, among other regulations. It does this using a conditional cookie notice, along with a customized cookie policy that’s based on the results from a built-in “cookie scan.” Publishers can configure the plugin based on where their visitors are located, with unique notices, consents, and legal documents based on whether the visitor is coming from the U.S. or the E.U. Complianz can be setup to block third-party cookies from major services, including Google Analytics, AdSense, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

2. Cookie Notice for GDPR
Created by dFactory, Cookie Notice for GDPR gives digital publishers a straightforward way to let visitors know that their website uses cookies, and to comply with some of the E.U.’s new regulations. The message that appears to visitors when publishers install the Cookie Notice for GDPR plugin is customizable, and it redirects users to specific pages where they can find more information about how the publisher is using cookies. Publishers also have the option to manually block scripts, reload the page once cookies are accepted, or to revoke user consent at any time using this plugin.

3. WP GDPR Compliance
WP GDPR Compliance is fast and free, making it a good option for digital publishers looking for help preparing their websites for the GDPR. WP GDPR Compliance was created to give publishers a way to overcome fragmentation in the privacy data space. The plugin adds basic consents to digital media websites and keeps a consent log for supported plugins. It also adds checkboxes to support plugins for explicit visitor consent. Publishers can quickly install the WP GDPR Compliance plugin through the WordPress plugin directory or by uploading the plugin through a FTP-client.

4. Ultimate GDPR Compliance Toolkit for WordPress
The Ultimate GDPR Compliance Toolkit for WordPress plugin is much more comprehensive than other plugins on this list. It’s also more expensive. With a $19 license, the plugin’s developers say digital publishers can meet all GDPR requirements. Ultimate GDPR Compliance Toolkit for WordPress handles cookie consents and data access, with advanced features like a dedicated form for users to request deletion of stored data and customizable privacy settings. Protection shortcode blurs any content that requires cookies consent until consent is given, as well.

5. GDPR Cookie Consent Banner
GDPR Cookie Consent Banner is all about simplicity. The creators of this WordPress plugin wanted to ensure that publishers could manage GDPR compliance, with regards to data privacy, without being forced to hire an outside agency for support. After installing the plugin, publishers are prompted to modify the settings to create a live cookie consent banner and a cookie policy. GDPR Cookie Consent Banner offers geo-IP support, which means publishers can choose which continents to display notifications on. Publishers can also choose whether there are any webpages they don’t want the cookie notification to display on.